Week 3 of JANE

Oh my, I'm up to my elbows in bits and pieces of my precious 30s reproductions! I feel like I should save every scrap but am trying to look at the bigger picture. So far, I've completed 10 blocks in about 3 weeks.

A quick recap: the first block I did twice and am still not thrilled with the results...but, in all fairness, this is my very first attempt at paper piecing (and curves, and applique, and and and).

After several tear outs, my seam ripper and I are becoming close friends. We barely spoke before JANE. Now I talk all the time, unfortunately, many of my comments are not suitable for posting.

I stabbed my first finger with my itty bitty tiny scissors that are just the right size for this project after I burned my thumb making dinner in a rush to sew. Some days we just don't have it in us. I knew this and tried to do a block anyway. Lesson Learned. They say JANE will cost blood, sweat, and tears. BLOOD: Check. Moving on...

My latest block A-9 was a real *doozy*. The center (supposedly the hard part) came out perfectly the very first try! Believe it or not, it was two of the outer edge pieces that almost drove me to the brink. Thankfully, I've spent so much money on supplies at this point that guilt has nudged me into moving on. I'm still not happy with it and may never be but for now, I've said DONE.

I'm hoping to spend some time piecing tomorrow.

Blessed are the Piecemakers!

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  1. Hi!
    Im so glad to see you have entered the blogging universe. Its so addicting and fun! I cant wait to read and learn from you!
    Happy Quilting/Sewing!

    Your friend,


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