Selvage Squares Tutorial

*****originally published on the Quilting Board 11.27.09 & later on Scribd 2.2.2010****
Selvage squares can be used for pincushions
& other wonderful creative, play,
and see where they take you.

Start saving those selvages!

If you already have enough selvages to do this:
You're well on your way to your very own fabulous Selvage Project!

Make a little keepsake for yourself or gifts for crafty friends 
{or save your completed squares for a quilt top---my latest plan}.
If you haven't been saving your selvages, there's no time like the present! 
Know you'll never use them? 
Make another quilter's day & pass them on.

Happy Quilting,

Please be sure to stop by Karen Griska's site called The Selvage Blog 
for some fantastic ideas & pure selvage inspiration. A reader sent me 
her information after my original tutorial was published on another site
& Karen graciously granted permission for me to keep my blog post up



  1. I love the pincushion! I have some major cutting to get to, and am loving all these ideas of how to use the throwaways... i mean extras.

  2. Wonderful pincushion Heather!

  3. Lara B. THANK YOU!! I'm so glad you like it. It's one of my absolute favorites.


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