Strawberry Fields FOREVER

The strawberries are coming in full blast, 
so full in fact, they're dropping to the sidewalk before turning.

The ants are feasting on the berries as they begin to change color.
 But I'd rather give a few up to mother nature than treat my kids to pesticide flavored berries.

We're in the midst of researching organic methods of control
and will probably have a few laughs along the way.

Our first introduction to natural means research was 
cardboard slathered in sugar & syrup and dipped in yeast 
{which requires reapplication throughout the patch after every rain 
and at least once a week}.

...I'm not sure how natural that process really is.
There must be a simpler solution.

After all, I'm just happy the strawberries are growing. 
We planted them on a whim for the kids.
They've learned a lot along the way
and shared the process with their friends.

Everything else is a bonus.
A cherry on top, if you will.

Sunshine wishes,


  1. Nice Strawberries! Your plants look so healthy! Happy growing girl!

  2. How cute! I remember strawberry picking in fields with my mother. Good memories. The ones you get in the store just do NOT measure up.


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