Heritage Tomatoes & more.

green zebras {a family favorite!}

cherokee purple

 big yellow?


Amazing heirlooms from the regular grocery store.
Normally, we have to wait for the farmer's market mid-summer
to enjoy these heritage seasonal goodies.

Fresh pico de gallo & guacamole really hit the spot!
Now we're crossing our fingers, 
waiting & hoping the store continues to stock them.

As I was chopping, someone thought the
tomatoes smelled too good to resist.
When laying in my lap didn't 
pan out,

he climbed behind me and watched 
over my shoulder...
hoping to be there just in case 
I dropped some (or all) of it.

Since the tomatoes weren't labeled with
the specifics, any help identifying 
would be greatly appreciated. 
I recognize some from the organic CSA
but not all of them. 

Also, I'm looking to add some Amish Paste 
to the garden this year and possibly a few others.
Any suggestions?

All my best,

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