Pom Pom Tutorial

Today, we'll be making pastel pom-poms.
They're great little additions to your baby showers
and wedding showers, bridesmaids luncheons, little girls' rooms, etc.


Wire {we used floral wire}
Tulle in various colors to 
match your theme
Ribbon to hang completed poms

We happened to have petite tulle on hand,
you're welcome to use whatever size you have.
The larger size you use, the larger the resulting pom
(of course, you could cut the width down).

Remove the tulle from the roll if it has one.
Double the layers of tulle and begin with both ends 
lined up. This will be your starting point.

Make sure your tulle isn't twisted before you begin 
or you'll have to cut it apart and straighten with one hand
while trying to keep your gathers together in the other.

Carefully gather your tulle about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the width edge, 
gently pushing your wire through
the gathers about every inch or so.
Don't worry about doing this part perfectly---
the gathers will be opened up in the end and 
the fullness is all people will see.

I try to hold the bunched tulle in my dominant hand
while I feed the double tulle gently with my non-dominant.

As the tulle gathers become difficult to hold in my hand, I bend the wire into a U shape to prevent loosening of the gathers. Your wire should be forgiving.

Once I've reached the ends of the tulle, I cross the wire and twist to hold in place.

Once your tulle is secure and the wire has been twisted, it should look like this:

Next, separate the layers of tulle by pulling them apart to the wire or 
as close to it as you can without tearing your tulle.

Finish by making a hook at the end of the wire.
You'll be hanging your ribbon from this.

I prefer a thicker satin ribbon for hanging, but that's just 
personal preference. Thin works, if you've got it on hand.

Have fun crafting!



Your comments are always welcome. :)