Happy Halloween!!

I have not been good about blogging this week, thanks to FireFox/google not letting me in....it's not that I haven't tried. Hang in there with me as we get this settled (or I remove all the FireFox stuff I just downloaded).

I hope each of you had a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

This week, I started some work on Christmas stuff, believe it or not. Those of you who know me well, will find this impossible, but it's true. Honest!

In my spare time, I whipped up some goodie bags for the neighborhood kids and managed to add a few finishing touches to a few costumes.

Yesterday, FUN MAIL arrived. Special thanks the senders!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!! Who knew a little stash manicure article would bring such impossible to find fabric to the stash???? Thank you!

Happy Quilting and holiday crafting, too!!
Best Wishes,

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