Week 29: Feeling Sew Fine

6 more for the completed list!! =)

Top: B-9, K-11, J-9
Bottom: K-1, A-2, C-13
Several readers have asked how I take projects along with me. I have my own kit prepped and ready to go and it rarely leaves my purse. The kit includes a YLI silk thread spool, sharp small scissors just the size for thread cutting, a couple extra applique pins (which I do use on the tiniest of pieces now---call me a convert), a fresh needle or two and just in case, a marking pencil. I prefer the Fons & Porter lead colored pencil for most things and do have a light version to write on darks...I almost never use that one. The F&P version seems to come out well on the fabrics I use most often. I'm very happy with this relatively recent discovery.

Next, in a separate baggie, I keep my current block. If it's a combination, I piece what I can first and prep the applique pieces for later. Most of my applique is done outside of my home now.

When I have some time in betwen errands, a bit of extra time at the library, or before a meeting, I have my trusty projects ready and waiting and after a short applique session, another block is ready for the completed list. I love that.

I took a little time for myself this past week and read Sew Retro. What a little gem! At first, I was so busy thumbing through to find the latest mod projects, I really looked past a lot of wonderful information. It's well worth your time to read this one. Judi Ketteler provides an interesting historical perspective on sewing from a feminist point of view and I have to say, it's eye opening.

Being a child of the 70s, School House Rock taught us Elias Howe is credited for inventing the sewing machine...need a refresher?

Let's just say, it isn't so. Oh, School House, what other facts have been left out of some of my favorite tunes from childhood?

When you have a bit of time to pour over the lovely pages of Sew Retro, you'll find interviews with some of the top designers today (including Judi Rothermel!!), some new projects to add to your must have list and I'm willing to bet a surprise or two.

Speaking of surprises, I had so much fun making headbands designed by Judi Ketteler, I've decided to give a few away. Be one of the first three to respond, stating you'll host a giveaway for Pay it Forward on your blog and your favorite fabric from my recent windfall from Sew LA and I'll get in touch.


  1. Love the fussy cutting on K-11. They are all great!

  2. Thanks for the nice write-up about Sew Retro! I'm glad you like the headbands, too.
    All best,
    Judi Ketteler

  3. Your blocks look great! My goal is three this week (times two)! Have a good week!

  4. Congrats on your new DJ blocks! I don't see a link to the Retro blog. Did I overlook something?

  5. Great blocks. I used to do the same thing when I was working on the DJ blocks. Now that I've finished up my own little version, I'm still finding little prepped blocks hiding in corners. Ah well, maybe I'll save them for next time.

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