Applique gets better with time & practice.

I've had some advice from an experienced applique quilty friend in Australia (Hi Cheese!! *waving*). She says applique gets better with time and practice. How much? Depends on the quilter...let's just say it will take me a bit more time but I'm pleased with the stitching for the most part on block 2 this week. It even has overlapping pieces...ooh la la! Now, don't go looking at the back because THAT is definitely not pretty but who's going to see that anyway? It's all good. I just keep telling myself I'm improving. What more could you ask for?

In other quilty business...I think JANE is trying to tell me to slow down. I used to sew at one speed: =SUPERFAST= with the pedal to the metal. As I progress, I notice the smallest seam can throw the look of a mini block off and I have to stop and tread cautiously over them like driving through a dangerous intersection. Hmmmm maybe my driving will improve, too but that's kind of doubtful.

The week has been a little hectic....ok, it's always hectic....especially hectic I should say.
Wishing all of us a PEACEFUL & PIECEFUL week.
Happy Quilting!!

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  1. The blocks are lovely. I like the fabrics/colors. And yes, everything gets better with practice. Thank heaven!


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