3rd Corner Complete

Just one corner left to go before a nice, long break!

Off to play in the front yard.

All my best,


Fabric in the Mail! What Could Possibly be Better?

Fabric in the mail. A fantastic

selection of it.

What could be better, you ask?

It felt like Christmas around here this weekend!

My order from Ericas arrived much quicker than I expected...
3 fantastic books for the library arrived Saturday with a


beautiful, scrappy pattern & templates, too.

I even found a stack of kid friendly fat quarters (on sale, no less!).

Spoiled by another gorgeous sunny day today...we found some time to play outside {so no time to quilt----maybe tomorrow}.

This is our first floral loss of the Wiffle Ball Season. There will be plenty more to come, I'm sure.

We'll have to look forward to the blossoms at second base next year....unless I wise up and move them this fall.

Happy Stitching (and gardening!)

These are the violets I've been waiting on...the purple centers are more pronounced this year but they're a gorgeous white, light purple to dark in the very center. YAY!


A Busy Week

Oh my! Where to begin...
So much has happened this week.
I finished my second corner kite & ordered some goodies from Erica's.
DH and I went to a perennial swap at a nearby park and found some goodies for the garden. As they begin to open and flower, I'll be sure to share photos.

I found some cream peonies, a lily that looks Asiatic but I'm told it's a single blooming tall lily {possibly a tiger}. We'll just have to wait and see.

Some purple daylily that I imagine is a lavender shade came home with us and some new daffodils, too.

Another daffodil looking plant with a large bulb came with other bulbs.
I'm told it may be surprise lily.

Whatever comes up will be surprise, that's for sure!

I shared mature Shasta Daisy starts, lots of Siberian Iris, Many Happy Returns Daylilies, dark purple {almost black} Columbine and some
Stella de Oro Daylilies.

There's another swap in fall.
Mr. Fabulous and I can hardly wait.

The weather has not been kind lately to our blooms but I'm happy to see the double daffodils doing well. They're my favorites of all the daffodils. The centers are so full they remind me of carnations.

Fun mail arrived full of selvages & a large floral fabric bundle.
Thank you to the sweet blogger who has been saving selvages for what
looks like quite a while. =)
I've already separated them by color and added them to the selvage stash.
One of these days, they'll make an incredible quilt top.

In my spare time, I made another batch of meatballs and was sure to snap a picture before they disappeared.
You'll find the recipe here:

Have a wonderful day!
Thanks for stopping by.


Erica's Shipping DEAL {International, too!}

Ooh la la. You know I love a great deal....and Erica's Fabrics, too.
It's a fantastic shop!
Should you ever make your way to Indiana, South Bend is where it's at.

Home to a delightful collection of 1930s reproductions (where I spend a great deal of my fabric budget!) and lots of other great stuff....so much I couldn't possibly list it all!
But I don't have to. Ericas.com does it for us.

Just so you know, you'll find their 30s listed under fabrics and in a subcategory called "old fashioned". It took me a while to navigate the site the first time.

Erica's has them {of course!}.

You'll find children's prints, batiks, homespuns and other fabrics, applique & embroidery supplies, kids' craft kits, adorable quilt patterns,
quilting software [including Dear Jane & Dear Hannah] and more.
Fair warning: this site is addictive!! =)

Now for the exciting stuff: Erica's is offering free shipping for US residents and HALF OFF INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING through the 23rd of April!!

I was just telling DH I'd like to take a little road trip to South Bend.
I may have a virtual visit instead.

Erica's Craft & Sewing Center
1320 N Ironwood Dr
South Bend IN 46615
888-837-4227 or 574-233-3112



Applique Daffodils & Fun Mail

at BarbaraBrackman.blogspot.com,
I whipped up a table runner for a birthday gift in 30s, reproductions.
The flowers in the yard must have been an inspiration.

The backing is the same print as the center block.

 I just knew I was hanging on to that Judie Rothermel Aunt Grace
ties one on fabric for a reason!

The applique fabric pieces were from the Dear Jane stash.

Speaking of stash...
Special thanks to the sender of this beautiful fabric.
My mind is racing with possibilities.
I had no idea the line included a pink version!!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit with Shirley Johnson at RSVP. She's thrilled with the goodies and blocks from the RETRO-Fabulous readers and was kind enough to share a quick embroidery lesson. Next on my list: a detailed embroidery block for another RSVP project in the works.

Happy Stitching,


New Stash & Flowers, too!

Thursday, I had the opportunity to take a little road trip and came across some fabrics that needed a new home.

*It never hurts to feed the stash.*
 I must LOVE the solid blue Kona...it's the third time
I've bought the same hue 'just because'.

It's official. Spring has sprung when daffodils & violets are in bloom.  =)
 I've been playing out in the yard and working on a bit of applique that hopefully will be unveiled this weekend {knock on wood}. I'll give you a hint...
first tulip of the season!!
it has everything to do with one of my non-sewing obsessions.

Happy Stitching,


MMMM Tres Leche!

My friend, Kelly needed a little encouragement to bake her
husband's favorite cake for his birthday.
looks incredible & smells DIVINE, too.

I made her take it home overnight before frosting it with the
homemade whipped cream topping so we weren't tempted to
eat the whole thing have a tiny taste test.

If you'd like to bake one up, be sure to click on
Alton's name for the link.

'good eats' indeed.



Corner Kite #1 & Flowers

The first kite is done.
I have not pressed it since I've yet to make my kite template
but couldn't wait to share it.

Both my great grandparents were fantastic gardeners.

They shared their talents with anyone willing to give a hand
{even a tiny set of hands that probably made more work for them!}.

Dividing plants and transplanting to this day still reminds me of my
great grandpa Eddie.

Happy Stitching Everyone!
You can bet I'm out in the garden today----it's in the 80s here & sunny.


My Final Triangles

LS11, LS 12 & LS13

The triangles are DONE.

Just 4 kites to go and on to top construction after a bit of a break
& some charity blocks.

The first daffodil of the season finally opened this afternoon.
Several others are very close to blooming.
There's some serious celebrating going on here!!

All my best,


3 Triangles Remaining!!

LS 8, LS9, LS 10

With just 3 left to go before the corner kites, it won't be long now.

We're still waiting on that first daffodil, though patience is wearing thin.
We're hoping to look out the window in the morning
and see it greeting us in full bloom.

Happy Stitching,


2 Yellows

2 more triangles for the completed list in sunny yellow
...the same color of the daffodils we expect to open
up any moment now.

Happy Stitching,