Pot Pie on the Fly

When I was a kid, a family friend used to make Taco Cups when we came to visit. 
They're simple, portable and tasty. I introduced the taco cup to the kids today 
thanks to some leftover taco night ingredients and my craving for homemade bread dough.

They couldn't wait to experiment with some other flavors. 

Munchkin and I created a creamy base from scratch, used some frozen veg 
and added diced roasted chicken. DELISH! 
She chose the mini muffin tin to make them in---perfect for 2 dozen little ones. 

She thinks a couple paired with some fresh greens 
and carrot sticks would be so awesome. 
I couldn't have said it better myself.

A dozen of each savory cup flavor was prepped for the deep freezer. 
We also made 22 breakfast burritos & several batches of French toast but forgot to snap photos.
I'll have to request photos as they reheat and post another time.

Best Wishes,