Fun Mail!

Fun mail arrived this week----a beautiful selection of 30s reproduction prints 
may just make it into the Dear Jane one of these days. 
Munchkin already says she's 'got dibs' on the yellow. 
I adore supporting her fabric habit.



  1. Hi Heather, are you going to make anothe Dear Jane quilt?! You rocks girl :-) I have just looked in the book and it seems to be as far as I get when it comes to DJ :-)


  2. Elisabeth,
    Your email does not seem to be going through for some reason. I tried responding directly from this site and by reply on yahoo. I'll try to leave a note on your site as well. I still have the first DJ to put together, though the pieces are done and have, for the first time EVER considered a second but we shall see....I should probably get the top together first, right? LOL No worries, your DJ will come together in it's own time.
    Best Wishes,


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