A Few Days at the Beach

Spring break sunshine made beachcombers out of us at a barrier island. 
We played in the sand, found seashells and relaxed, just enjoying each other's company.

We picked up several bags of shells and a little sand, too. I found a few gorgeous shells that were occupied, so we gently returned them to the sea. 
For now, I've placed the seashells in glass vases...
until we find some containers with lids that I can seal.
I love sand at the beach but not so much in the carpet.
I hope you're able to take some time to enjoy life with your loved ones.
Happy Easter from our family to yours.


RSVP Block

It's been a wonderful week with some fun in the sun, photos to follow soon. 

Today, I whipped up a quick block for RSVP using 
The templates are available for a 12 inch block here. 

My block came up a little short since RSVP likes 12.5 inch square unfinished. 
I added a little matching polka dot border to get it to their preferred size. 

I wonder if I was supposed to do scant 1/4 throughout 
or if anyone else runs into the same issue. 
In any case, block number one is done!

Now, if I could just master the photo editing on the apple I'd be set.



Fun Mail!

Fun mail arrived this week----a beautiful selection of 30s reproduction prints 
may just make it into the Dear Jane one of these days. 
Munchkin already says she's 'got dibs' on the yellow. 
I adore supporting her fabric habit.



Butterfly at the Crossroads

Butterfly at the Crossroads (#14 of the Farmer's Wife Quilt)
was a quick finish in soft, spring colors.
Which reminds me...
the bulbs should soon be in bloom.
Daffodils are up about 5 inches or so and one 
already has a bud forming.

Hopefully, the weather will soon catch up 
with this springtime optimism.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.



Good things come to those who wait....
It's that time of year again: ERICA'S SALE DAYS!

Free US Shipping & 1/2 Price INTERNATIONAL Shipping on orders $75 or more (excluding tax)!!! It's good through 3/25/13, so get your shop on.

To find the 30's reproductions fabrics, be sure to click on the fabrics link at the left side of their first page and go to Old Fashioned. I had a very difficult time finding these my first visit but knew they carried a great selection of 30's prints, having shopped at a vendor site during a local quilt show. Going to the shop is definitely best, but when I can't get over to South Bend, having them online is helpful. 

A little plug for my 'local' shop-----it's a wonderful spot. Needle & Thread in Valparaiso, IN has some amazing flannels, GORGEOUS floss, wool, tons of patterns & a nice selection of 30s fabrics as well. It's the perfect spot for gifting civil war reproduction prints and for the material I use for RSVP charity blocks most of the time, too. Friends who love batiks are amazed when they step into the separate room of jewel toned goodness.  Have some themed fabric you're on the hunt for? You'll probably be able to find it here. This is my go-to shop for just about everything. Best of all, the owner & staff have always been FANTASTIC! 
If you can't find what you're looking for, just give them a call. 

Happy Shopping,



Some of the latest additions to the still growing 30s collection, thanks to a recent trip to South Bend.

Erica's is THE place to shop 30s reproductions.

I've been looking at Jane again...
no promises but it's been nice to pick up some supplies for it, 
should I get the urge to start putting the top together.
Wishing you a SUNNY SATURDAY &

Happy Piecing,



If you feel like digging out some black and white fabrics, RSVP is requesting 12" finished blocks of your choice in B&W. Please send an email for details if you'd like to participate. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. For links to free patterns used in the past, be sure to check out the fall color post and to view previous blocks donated, check out this post & the final raffle quilt photo here.