FWQAL Block & New Kaffe Stash

I managed to find a few more pieces of Kaffe for the FWQAL project...
hopefully they'll inspire me to  
play in fabrics and make a block 
every once in a while.

Today's block is the Broken Sugar Bowl (#12 in the series).
Now that I've seen this fabric together,
I'm wishing I bought a bunch of yardage....
DH LOVES the colors,
which are not as blue as they appear in the photo.
The solid is a bright teal and absolutely stunning!
I might just have to hunt some more down one of these days.

Wishing you a Sunny Sunday
& Happy Piecing,


Portable Perfection

This little beauty is the latest addition to the sewing room.
I'm not keeping track of the number of machines I have stashed in there
but admit I do have a few...none as pretty as this one, though!

I'm super excited about my new-to-me beautiful featherweight. 
It runs SO smoothly and is incredibly quiet. 

I find the noise of machines so distracting that I have never actually brought one along 
to group quilting. I've been OK with slow hand sewing and great conversations 
but now, I can speed along with some chain piecing while chatting....
and can't wait to test it out in a group setting!