Quilt Show Continued

Grandma's Garden by Norma Phelps

Another copy of the String Star Quilt
{since the last post didn't allow enlargement}

Sandy Cleavland's Bears Paw,
Quilted by
Brenda Salinas (left)

Barbara Olson's Stop the Recount, quilted by the Church Ladies (right) 
   1930s reproduction fabric----love that Little Bo Peep!

 Feed Sack Flowers

Antique Scrappy Sunflower: unknown

 The Diamond Field: Unknown

 I hope you've enjoyed the mini tour.
Be sure to check out the biennial show at Porter County Expo Center
if you can get to NW Indiana.
The String-A-Long Guild puts on a great show!



  1. drooling over the photos here, so happy that you put up another photo of the String Star, (I thought it was just me that couldn't enlarge it) just beautiful.

  2. Love them! Now I want to make one of those scrappy sunflowers - fabulous!


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