Fun Mail Goes MODERN!

Thanks to Lily's Quilts & Sew Fresh Fabrics, I'm in fabric heaven!

I think a few of these may have to join the stash for the FWQAL blocks...

though my mind is swimming with possibilities

that these beautiful stacks hold.

See any must haves?
{or in my case, must have more!}

psst! Have you heard the news??

I might have to dust off the 'ol hexagon project and get it going again,
slowly but surely.

I planned to work in the yard today but fun mail has changed all that.
Off to play!

Happy Stitching,


  1. Must have - all of it :) I'm not taking part in the FWQAL but I do want to make that quilt someday so I'm keeping a lookout for fabrics that I might like to use, a friend of mine is doing hers in William Morris style fabrics, I'm thinking when I do succumb I will go more modern.

  2. That is such a beautiful post with wonderful pics, thank you so much for doing that!

  3. Yummy fabrics Heather :) I see loads I like. Thank you for the eye candy ;) hugs Elly

  4. So colorful and sweet fabrics you have found..:) I also have found some new fabrics. We have summer-sales here in Finland right now. Finnish cotton is quite expensive so price looks much better when it is half of the normal.
    Enjoy quilting!!! :)
    Love Maarit


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