New Stash & Flowers, too!

Thursday, I had the opportunity to take a little road trip and came across some fabrics that needed a new home.

*It never hurts to feed the stash.*
 I must LOVE the solid blue Kona...it's the third time
I've bought the same hue 'just because'.

It's official. Spring has sprung when daffodils & violets are in bloom.  =)
 I've been playing out in the yard and working on a bit of applique that hopefully will be unveiled this weekend {knock on wood}. I'll give you a hint...
first tulip of the season!!
it has everything to do with one of my non-sewing obsessions.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Lovely fabrics and beautiful flowers!


  2. Cute fabrics - and spring! Gotta love that! The snow has gone (most of it anyway), and my tulips are now close to 8" high - will bloom after easter :)

  3. Nice fabrics well deserving of a good home. The stash is a bit like a sourdough starter, it needs constant feeding or else it will never grow :)

  4. Love your Easter-y solids :) Beautiful 1st tulip. I love the pointy petals; mine are all rounded.


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