MMMM Tres Leche!

My friend, Kelly needed a little encouragement to bake her
husband's favorite cake for his birthday.
looks incredible & smells DIVINE, too.

I made her take it home overnight before frosting it with the
homemade whipped cream topping so we weren't tempted to
eat the whole thing have a tiny taste test.

If you'd like to bake one up, be sure to click on
Alton's name for the link.

'good eats' indeed.



  1. Hes from my part of the world! Love him! I think hes in marrieta...
    Yum! Ive never seen such a pretty cake!

  2. This is one cake that is on my "One day I'm gonna make that cake" list, I think it's the type of cake that requires more than 2 people to eat it all. I mean 2 people could eat it up, but it wouldn't be very healthy for them :(

  3. Please, save a piece cake for me...


  4. We love alton brown at our house. His cookie is literally made once a month by one of my daughters. (the chewy) I'll have to check this recipe out. Looks divine.


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