Corner Kite #1 & Flowers

The first kite is done.
I have not pressed it since I've yet to make my kite template
but couldn't wait to share it.

Both my great grandparents were fantastic gardeners.

They shared their talents with anyone willing to give a hand
{even a tiny set of hands that probably made more work for them!}.

Dividing plants and transplanting to this day still reminds me of my
great grandpa Eddie.

Happy Stitching Everyone!
You can bet I'm out in the garden today----it's in the 80s here & sunny.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Heather!!
    Both your lovely kite and those spring flowers!!
    All the best! Mary Ann

  2. Your corner kite block is just GORGEOUS!
    I love how you took the time to fussy cut those precious petals - they look awesome!
    Your spring bulbs look very beautiful in the yard - Hooray for Spring!

  3. this is a stunner, i have silently enjoyed all you blocks but this raised a shout.

  4. Love the fussy cutting! Way to go.

  5. Your block turned out beautifully. And how lucky you are to have warm weather. It is still cool and rainy here on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Lots of flowers blooming but still too early to start the veggie garden. Really looking forward to seeing your Dear Jane completed.

  6. Just lovely, and the fussy cutting on the petals makes them stand out. Your star came out really well, what method did you use?

  7. Wonderful quilt piece!! I love vintage fabric reproductions too, and my favorites are the red and white ones. I'm very much a novice at quilting and so far only work with squares, rectangles and half square triangles, but would love to try something this lovely one day!

  8. I love it! I'm getting ready to make some kites (2 are nearly done)...so it was nice to see this....giving me some ideas.


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