A Busy Week

Oh my! Where to begin...
So much has happened this week.
I finished my second corner kite & ordered some goodies from Erica's.
DH and I went to a perennial swap at a nearby park and found some goodies for the garden. As they begin to open and flower, I'll be sure to share photos.

I found some cream peonies, a lily that looks Asiatic but I'm told it's a single blooming tall lily {possibly a tiger}. We'll just have to wait and see.

Some purple daylily that I imagine is a lavender shade came home with us and some new daffodils, too.

Another daffodil looking plant with a large bulb came with other bulbs.
I'm told it may be surprise lily.

Whatever comes up will be surprise, that's for sure!

I shared mature Shasta Daisy starts, lots of Siberian Iris, Many Happy Returns Daylilies, dark purple {almost black} Columbine and some
Stella de Oro Daylilies.

There's another swap in fall.
Mr. Fabulous and I can hardly wait.

The weather has not been kind lately to our blooms but I'm happy to see the double daffodils doing well. They're my favorites of all the daffodils. The centers are so full they remind me of carnations.

Fun mail arrived full of selvages & a large floral fabric bundle.
Thank you to the sweet blogger who has been saving selvages for what
looks like quite a while. =)
I've already separated them by color and added them to the selvage stash.
One of these days, they'll make an incredible quilt top.

In my spare time, I made another batch of meatballs and was sure to snap a picture before they disappeared.
You'll find the recipe here:

Have a wonderful day!
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I had my first peony bloom of the season yesterday....and another thunder storm last night so it's drooping. :( I love the red and white...my very favorite quilt colors. blessings, marlene

  2. I love the red-white colors at your block and flowers are also so nice. We here in Finland have to wait little while before we have flowers like yours.
    I am off from work during the easter time so I can begin my newest quilt- project.
    Happy Easter-time to you!!
    Love Maarit

  3. You sure have been busy! Inlove your daffodil, love the real flowers too! Great idea to have a swap (?)! I need to make a bunch of meatballs and freeze som, yours look so delicious and moist. I really miss hving some made up in the freezer to use in various ways. Do you bake yours in the oven? Or brown in skillet and finish off in sauce, ? I love looking at your blog! So pretty and cheerful.

  4. What a beautiful corner kite Heather :) Those meatballs look delicious! Could seriosly tempt a newbie veggie, LOL...
    Spring flowers and bulbs are my favourite of all the flowers throughtout the year. Now if only I had got around to planting the tulips I had bought last fall I'd have some to see in my garden...but alas they are still in the bag somewhere. ;) Ellyx

  5. mmmmm meatballs! They look amazing. All your blocks are fantastic.


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