3rd Corner Complete

Just one corner left to go before a nice, long break!

Off to play in the front yard.

All my best,


  1. It looks good, love the fabric you chose, you have managed to line it all up as well.

  2. You are almost there now! Sweet little corner, well done :-)


  3. Perfect.
    I picked up the mail on the last trip to town, mon. I think (they all run together), and just now took time to go through it to pay blls. What did i find?!?!?
    A most thoughtful, but entirely too extravagent gift from YOU!
    Thank you so much for the Dear Jane rulers! I only sent you a half yd of fabric. :(
    Well, i am truly thankful. You know what will e my new project when I unpsck my sewing room and get settled. Goodness, you will hate you offered help.... I am so inspired to dive into this quilt. Thank you.


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