Pink Kittens & Sunbonnet Sue

RS4 Center Piece

-RS5 Geisha Girl-

Sunbonnet Sue gardening will be the center of RS4.
I'm hoping to post that and a few more this weekend.

RS5 came together quickly.
Directional prints are a little tricky on the side triangles.
To help keep myself on track, I'm adding an arrow to the draft that points up.
With each focus fabric piece I add, I double check that it's lined up
to prevent an afternoon with the seam ripper.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Oh, Heather, I just love your DJ blocks and tris!! And your header, WOW!! How did you DO that??!!!! Nice to pop back and see your work!
    Cheers! Mary Ann

  2. I never thought of putting an arrow on it so I knew which way was up, good idea. I never worried about the direction of prints before, but I've changed my mind recently after seeing other blocks that have been sewn with the print all going in the right direction.


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