Ah, the Age of Technology!

Triangles weren't included on my original spreadsheet,
so I've been keeping a running tally on paper.
Plugging the tally into the spreadsheet today, I realized
that when I lost my precious hard drive,
I also lost a current piece count for my DJ blocks.

Good Grief!

Thanks to the blog, I have a starting point on the main blocks
but will be double checking the figures when I start
sashing & constructing my top.
If you are using a computer based spreadsheet...
you may want to back it up or at least keep a hard copy.

And if I were doing it again, I'd use the full top spreadsheet, whether
planning to include triangles or not.
I changed my mind about them----you may, too.


You can download your free DJ Spreadsheet at Janiac.com

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  1. You should back them up in google docs :p it's online, I don't use it for EVERYTHING, but I definitely use it for all my school stuff!


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