Happy New Year!!

I truly have been Missing In Action (MIA) lately. Thanks for sticking with me through a
very busy holiday season.

Today was the first day I made an appearance in the sewing room in weeks. I managed to squeeze in a few minutes of sorting & cutting for charity. If anyone is interested in sending in 5" teen friendly charms, please let me know. They are going toward quilts for foster kids aging out of the system.

I have no plans to start Jane back up again but it shouldn't be too long now.

Wishing you & yours a Very Happy & Healthy New Year!

Best Wishes,


  1. It truly is a busy season, and seems to get busier every year! Glad to know you "came out the other side" in one piece.

    Kudos to you for using your talents to help teens. Our Little Miss is helping a lady with Alzheimers sew a quilt for the local homeless men's shelter. She's helping two for one!

    What a perfect way to start out a new year!

  2. Dear Heather,
    Happy New Year! Let all your dreams come true in January and the rest of the year you'll have got time to think about new ones:)

  3. Happy New Year! an lots of fun with your organizing, and you give use lots of idea.
    Greeting Tiny


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