Applique Today


There's nothing like a laid back day of applique. This fabric was one of the first ones I purchased as a new quilter. I was unaware that it was a 30s reproduction at the time and just had to have it! The box was marked 'fat eighths'.

I had yet to master the terminology of quilting and was clueless as to what that meant but bought it anyway. That wonderful box full of possibilities had a lovely mixture of cheerful colors that reminded me of my great grandmother. As a blossoming scrap quilter, I had taken my very first step into what would become the driving force behind THE quilt (and admittedly, a bit of fabricholism).

Happy Quilting,


  1. Nearly into single digits now Heather, though I can't agree with you about a laid back day of applique, I still don't enjoy it very much, or maybe it is because of the tiny pieces. I still have the joys of G3 and I6 waiting.


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