Mail Call

You know I love fun mail...who doesn't?
This week I was REALLY surprised by a large goodie box filled with

VINTAGE 30s fabrics...lots and lots of them! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

A big shoutout to Applique Addict. If you've not found this site in bloggerville, please make the time to check it out. You'll find a Joseph's Coat quilt that is incredible, a wonderful state block quilt (and if you're from the states, stop by to see if your state is taken yet), enthusiasm for applique, projects galore and a super blogger, too!

Mom stopped by with some of Great Grandma Gladys' stash for me this weekend. I'm basking in vintage 30s fabrics this week and making plans....oh, yes. Big plans!
Now, if only I could find some time, we'd be in business.
NEW pincushion with a tiny Ball jar for the base...sew cute.
Happy Fabric Collecting, Quilting, Sewing & Project Planning, Fabulous Readers!!

Best Wishes for a wonderful week,


  1. Nice score on fabrics! You have some really pretty ones! You inspire me to sew! Hope we chat soon!

  2. REALLY great fabrics! Your great grandma is smiling down on you... so happy that you are petting and loving her fabrics and planning many wonderful projects with them! :)

  3. What great luck to get such nice
    30's prints in the mail and be given your great grandmothers fabric stash. You are all set for some terrific projects now.

  4. Looks like some fun times coming in yoru sewing room!!!
    Such lovely fabric!

  5. So glad that those fabrics found a good home, with someone to love them and make something!

  6. Beautiful fabrics, now you need someone to give you some time. By the way what is in the bottom of that Ball jar, (I can't make it out)


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