D-7 & K-12

It's official. I hit 129 blocks tonight and have just 40 more main blocks to go...oh, and I'm turning 40 in a month or so, too. The countdown to finish & 40 is on!

F-4, H-13
There are a few more easy blocks to help reach my goal. I'm grateful I saved them for the end of the project. I had a little software and printer trouble today.  After taking some time to prep fabrics, I found a way around the issues.

All I can say is thank goodness I have several ways of keeping track of things or I'd have been highly upset. I did manage to use a different colorway for one of the blocks and made it twice but I love how it turned out so I'll be sure to whip a little pincushion or something up with it.

Happy Quilting,


  1. It's all downhill now (in the nicest possible way) with Dear Jane. I never thought of making pincushions from the blocks, they're just the right size aren't they, good idea.

  2. Well, Happy Birthday a little early, to you! I just turned 40 earlier this month too. And I have just over 40 done on my DJ quilt! (HA! The opposite of you, there!)
    Your blocks look beautiful!

  3. How fitting, you have 40 left and you are turning forty!! Now you should see if you can get them done in 40 days?? Hope that your birthday is filled with wonderfulness.

  4. Isn't it a great feeling to be getting close to 169? Congratulations!

  5. Fantastic! Such lovely blocks and so many done!!! Woo-Hoo!!

  6. Congratulations on the big 40. Are you hoping to get the blocks done before your birthday? It looks like you are making good progress, if you don't run into problems you should be able to make it.


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