Another 6 Blocks

After a busy day in the sewing room, I have another 6 blocks completed. For some reason I thought Labor Day was tomorrow (Wishful Thinking?). I have another week to stay busy in my sewing room before the long weekend. Have a wonderful week! If I happen to get some more blocks done, I'll keep posting as they're completed.

Happy Quilting,

Tally: 135 blocks since January 2010, pieces: 2840 and counting


  1. Heather you are awesome! 6 more blocks!

    BTW-I am also looking forward to Labor Day and I also wish that it was going to be tomorrow. Oh well, next Monday will be a good day!

    Enjoy your sewing time. Do more sewing and less laundry!


  2. WOWZA!!! Look at you go girl! Those are all fantastic. I can't wait to see them all together.

  3. I forgot to add how much I love the green one with the doggies. I love how you positioned them in the windows. Great fussy cutting!

  4. Unbelievable! Six blocks in a day! You're really busy busy bee:)

  5. My daughter thought she was going to have today off from school too! (They have only been back to school for a week!)
    Your blocks look fantastic!

  6. Wow, 6 blocks in one day. That is truly impressive. You are making me feel like a real slacker. I love your colors. They make me want to go shop for more yummy 30s prints.

  7. Heather - congratulations on finishing 6 more blocks!
    They are all just darling!


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