Week 23 Marks Over 2000 Pieces!!

Week 23 finds me in a rush to get to 100. I'm at 94 and 2053 pieces so far.

You may have noticed I have been sticking to piecing after a wonderful time with applique. I was having a very difficult time seeing the eye of the needles. I switched to Clover gold eye which was helpful but I still felt as though I needed a magnifying glass to see what I was doing. 

Luckily, I was due for an eye appointment. I brought my needle case and demonstrated threading that little teeny tiny needle during my visit. My eye doctor used it for part of my eye test! What a difference!! 
I highly recommend doing so.

I have special glasses just for my close work now and I happen to think they're pretty cute. Amazing what being able to see does for you. I should have some combinations coming up shortly.

On to 100!!



  1. Good advice. I am finding that my arms are starting to shorten as well.

  2. It does help to see what you are doing. I am impressed that you are so close to 100 AND are able to keep track. I started and stopped that project so many times I lost track. I am going re-read your post and get back to business on "the quilt."

  3. Your blocks are wonderful. I love them. Thank you for the thoughts on needles and eye doctor. I should have done that earlier this year. Next time I get and exam I will take your advice. Thank you.
    Happy Quilting

  4. More beautiful blocks! Congrats on hitting 94 - and on your new eye glasses. It will make reaching your sewing goal of 100 even more enjoyable now.
    What a great bit of wisdom regarding that needle kit too! I have an eye appt next week and will take your smart advice!


  5. Very nice blocks and reaxching a milestone is fun too!!!

    I've had to use the magnifiers to thread my needles!!!

  6. 100 blocks are coming up fast, it seems like only yesterday that you had done 75. Good trick to take a needle and thread along to your eye appointment, I must remember that for mine as well.

  7. Your blocks er beautiful .

  8. You are coming along nicely and the quilt will be stunning. I don't think you have anything to apologise for in your applique, either.

  9. Wow you are zipping along, you will be at 100 in no time. How many blocks in total are you aiming for?

  10. Hi Tracee! Your link is no reply, so I'm leaving my response here...there are 169 blocks in the main section of a Dear Jane. There are triangles and kites on the outer portion for those who choose to do them.
    Thank you for your comments, everyone!
    Happy Quilting,


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