NUMBERS 99 & 100!

Darling number 99 is one that I thought I'd never be able to do back in January. We've come a long way, baby. E-4 or Buffalo Tree Hopper feels worthy of the number before the milestone of 100. Joy of joys, here it is...

This is another one of those blocks I thought I couldn't do initially and the focus fabric is special to me, too. I found the fabric at a quilt show but it was included in a kit. Since I'd already collected a good portion of the prints in the large kit, I asked the owner if she had a piece somewhere. Who doesn't adore tulips and pink ones at that?
She was kind enough to offer to mail it to me as soon as she got back to her shop.

 I'll also post pics of the full hundred as soon as I can muster up the energy to clear a room and get the blocks out in some sense of order.

*Special thanks to my in-house tech department for all the much needed techno advice on a computer-crashing-kind-of-day and to Mr. Fabulous for making peace and quiet reign supreme.*

THANK YOU for your support, my fabulous readers!!
I have the very BEST followers!!!

Happy Quilting,

98 & Still Going Strong

Week 23, part two finds me at 98. I'm sincerely hoping there's a part 3 to this week, so I can make that milestone #100. The outlines in the book and photos of the original have been helpful as of late. I think having it may have influenced my block choices earlier. I'd suggest purchasing that, even if you do go the software route....especially since some of the alternate patterns are from the original.


Here's a little boo boo from this week's sewing. I was multi-tasking while squaring up block A and chopped the wrong corners! =) When I realized what I did, I went back and added four background pieces to complete it. I actually still like this block and am calling it the happy accident. I'm not sure which version will wind up in the final quilt.

Thank you for your patience as I play around in the template designer. It's a work in progress, so please continue to bear with me.

Happy Quilting!!


Week 23 Marks Over 2000 Pieces!!

Week 23 finds me in a rush to get to 100. I'm at 94 and 2053 pieces so far.

You may have noticed I have been sticking to piecing after a wonderful time with applique. I was having a very difficult time seeing the eye of the needles. I switched to Clover gold eye which was helpful but I still felt as though I needed a magnifying glass to see what I was doing. 

Luckily, I was due for an eye appointment. I brought my needle case and demonstrated threading that little teeny tiny needle during my visit. My eye doctor used it for part of my eye test! What a difference!! 
I highly recommend doing so.

I have special glasses just for my close work now and I happen to think they're pretty cute. Amazing what being able to see does for you. I should have some combinations coming up shortly.

On to 100!!



Another Two. I'll have to make more this week =)

Yet another pair for the week. 
I'll be glad to add some more soon. I'm happy to say I've passed 90! 
The countdown to 100 is on.



Just Two: Pink and Blue

We're adjusting to summer schedule around here....and the lazy days of summer, I guess. Ha ha ha. M-4 looks like a little bugger but both went quite smoothly. Stepping Stones is just a matter of piecing in sections with wonderful sunny breaks in between.

The photos are still looking a bit wonky but I've not been doing a final press on the latest ones. Speaking of the iron....I forgot all about updating after the initial iron meltdown. My DH and MIL found a steal on a Rowenta Pro Master so no more of those nasty brown streaks to deal with. It's been plugging along for quite a while and I have NO complaints, despite the fact that I'm a little particular about my irons. (Yes, I am being kind).

This week I'll be tidying the sewing room, making another dog bed (oh, joy) and prepping some fabric for a swap. Have a wonderful week, fabulous readers!!