Half Way There =)

Yesterday I finished this set, bringing me to 87 blocks. It's great to be at the half way point!


Grand Total: 82! Woo Hoo

My newest additions could have been pieced for you curve aficionados out there...however, as fearless as my quilting is I've yet to conquer the curve. I thought I'd be all over it right away but curve piecing these tiny blocks makes me nauseous. Since I did manage to learn a bit of applique, I skipped the curves and finished in a reasonable amount of time. I'd say quickly but I did have a big problem with the first one when it was just stitches from completion. Overtired and enthusiastic to finish a block, I clipped right through my work. It happens---just a reminder to slow down, I suppose. =)
82 blocks and counting---I like the sound of that.
Happy Quilting


Favorite Things: Silk Thread

Where oh where do you find your silk thread? I've been purchasing mine at Erica's when I visit South Bend, IN and they do have an online shop but I really enjoy being there. It's divine. Unfortunately, it is not close. I've also purchased spools at quilt shows including the Chicago Show not so long ago---pardon the Seuessian moment.

Local shops are not carrying silk thread and now that I've tried it I don't want to use anything else, hence the Favorite Things title....and the song running through my head as we speak. =)

I asked a YLI rep where I could get the best prices on their amazing silk thread. This wonderful little link to Speed Stitch (YAY!) was provided.

Happy Quilting (or should I say Shopping?!)


80 Blocks and Counting!!

The set of 75 included 2 additional blocks that I forgot to post on my tally sheet. Another 3 completed today brings me up to 80 and 1687 pieces!! 
Thank you for all your encouragement.

Happy Quilting =)

Had to pick a few irises to bring inside and hubs was kind enough to photograph for me. It won't be long and I'll have the camera going again.
Have a wonderful & pieceful week.


75th Block Complete!

These are some wonky photos, so sorry but the battery needs to be replaced in the camera.

This week was a mixed bag of applique, piecing, and combination blocks. I have a few more printed off with fabrics already picked out.
For those of you in the know, 75 is the diamond level. I'm so excited to be there, still motivated to continue. Here's hoping you're having a wonderful week and that you, too will have some quilting time.
Happy Quilting!


Just 100 Blocks Remaining

There are 13 tiny pieces in the center block of B-10.
Taking seam allowance into account, it's roughly the size of a quarter!
That's pretty small.
The total pieces: 29.

*Just a little frame of reference for those of you who have not yet attempted a JANE.*

I'm happy to report that I've just completed the first 69 blocks (1439 pieces) and have 100 blocks remaining.
Who knows? I may get ALL of them done before my birthday.
THAT would be truly amazing.

Happy Quilting!!


Getting Back in the Groove

Well, after a bit of time away from darling Jane, it's so good to be back on a roll. If you are still working on these blocks, watch your piecing this week to avoid the dreaded seam ripper (and the frustration that follows). =)

I'm in green mode these days, thanks to some quality time in my garden. I chose pinks and greens for the largest areas of the quilt this past winter because they're my favorite colors. I imagine we'll be seeing more of this color combination over the next few weeks as I tweak my initial schedule.

I'm hoping to have 100 blocks done by my birthday this fall and all of them complete by the end of the year. Sounds reasonable, right? We shall see, my fabulous readers, we shall see.

Wishing you a most pieceful week. 
Happy Quilting,