50th Block PARTY!!

The wonderful people of Electric Quilt Company (EQ) are providing a FREE copy of the beloved DEAR HANNAH SOFTWARE for one of my lucky and of course, FABULOUS readers! I'm adding fat quarters of my favorite new fabrics from the little *ah-hem* shopping trip...there are even a few out of print bunny fabrics in the mix! 
How festive.
In order to be eligible to win this incredible prize pack, there are a couple details you'll need to include in your comment on this thread by April 17, 2010 12:00 am central time. 

Please share if you have done any of the Jane Stickle/Dear Jane blocks or any from Dear Hannah, a tip you'd share with a quilty friend & how long you've been working on your project.

If you have not yet attempted a Dear Jane or Dear Hannah block, please share your favorite theme/color of fabric, favorite traditional block and a tip/trick that simplifies your quilting/piecing. 

Those kind enough to leave comments on the Golden Girl post prior to this post going public will be eligible for a second chance. The winner will be randomly chosen and must meet the above criteria. If the winning comment does not meet the criteria, a new winner will be drawn. 
Winner will be announced Sunday, April 18, 2010.

FYI: If you leave a comment that cannot be replied to, I may not be able to find you in this great big world of ours.

Dear Hannah is a companion CD and does require the use of Dear Jane, EQ5, or EQ6 Software.

Thank you for reading my blog and celebrating with me! EQ, thank you so much for partying with us!!!

This drawing is not limited to U.S. residents.


  1. I have not tried either Dear Jane or Hannah blocks. Not from lack of desire, just need a kick in the pants, I suppose.

    My favorite block is Storm at Sea - I love the versatility in arrangement. My favorite color of fabric is green. :-)

    One quilting trick that I use is a piece of tape or a sticky note marking the seam allowance at the front of my sewing machine to line up the edge of the fabric.

    And, do I really have to admit how long I have been working on my most current quilt? It has been on the back burner for a couple of years, unfortunately.

  2. I have done 35 of the Dear Jane blocks and I started my blue Dear Jane in January 2010.

    I have problems pinning the pieces on the small Dear Jane blocks so I use small clips or bulldog clips to hold the fabric together instead of pins, and I always use a larger piece of fabric then trim it back when I am paper foundation piecing.

  3. I have done 27 blocks of my 2nd Dear-Jane.
    It is an addictive project.

    My tip: print all your blocks in mirror image, so you are sure the ones that need it, have it.

    I started my 2nd DJ in Januari 2010. My DGD Jana gets the first, because I named it after her

  4. I recently completed 15 DJ blocks.

    I haven't got any tips yet since I haven't made that many.

    I am doing mine in the Civil War reproduction fabrics.

  5. I have finished a dear jane, but have not done a dear hannah. would love to do this one in 30s. my favorite fabric.
    Hint. measure several times before you cut anything. saves a lot of mistakes. Love these small blocks as they teach so many techniques.

  6. I have about 15 blocks completed and they are in CW reproduction fabrics. I am making 5 sets as I go because I have 5 children..... and I don't know if I finished one if I would tackle the project again so I thought better be safe than sorry.

    My quilting tip deals with using templates....I use a piece of double sided tape on them to help hold them in place. Makes cutting a lot easier!

    I enjoy reading your blog.

  7. Hi there!

    I've finished all my blocks and triangles and have pieced them all together... 'cept the last 2 strips of tris, onto the main piece. I stalled there. Don't ask why... must be a psychological thing! LOL


    Pls add my name to your contest! And tks a bunch!

    Rosa Robichaud

  8. I've finished a scrappy Dear Jane and am now working on a red/white/blue jane. Took three years to make the first one but the second one is going to take a lot longer. I'm working on the sixth row now and have been at it for a couple of years. Still loving it though!

  9. Oops! I forgot my tip. Join a dear jane club or class if you can - a great way to learn different ways of doing things.

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  11. Hello HEather from Brussels by rain ;(
    every evening I do sleep under my DJ and I recommend to all of you to go ahead and make one as it is special
    I made a photto tutorial in my webshots to show the appliqué ttechniques made easy for beginners and those who are afraid to start the appliqué blocks
    I do have the DH book but the software sure would be handy as I am planning to make this quilt soon
    If by any chance my name is drawn I would like to participate in shipping costs and send you Belgian chocolates instead ;)

  12. I would love to win! I am planning to learn how to applique better using freezer paper. I have tried back basting and other applique techniques and have not been happy with the result. I want something that turns out consistently good. 8) I already have the EQ6 and DJ software, so DH would be a wonderful addition.

    Susan in Texas

  13. I have done some Dear Jane blocks for swaps and have participated in the Siggy Swap several times. I haven't started my Dear Jane Quilt but am collecting 30's fabrics to make it in as those are my favorites.
    I have a tip for keeping count of total blocks made for either swaps are the DJ/DH. When I complete 10 blocks I pin them together with a safety pin which allows me to count by 10's to see how many total blocks that I have made.
    I have had the Dear Jane book for several years and have been participating in the siggy swap for about 8 years now.

  14. I have not made any DJ or DH blocks yet. I do have the books and I belong to a couple internet DJ groups.

    My current favorite traditional block is the Dresden Plate.

    I like most fabrics and colors (as my stash shows), but I find batiks absolutely delightful.

    I have recently learned more about doing applique -- both by hand and machine. My tip is to be flexible and learn several applique methods as multiple methods may be used in the same block to simplify it.

    Bev in TX

  15. Great site,

    I started my first DJ on the 17 March 2010 and to date have made 48 blocks, hopefully will reach gold by the end of the day.

    I have the DH software already, but wanted to share this tip.

    For the applique I iron freezer paper onto the wrong side of he fabric and then using liquid starch, I press the edges under until dry. I can then remove the FP, and postion the piece, however small with a spot of fabric glue. Makes stitching it in place so easy.

    Love the fabrics you have choosen for this, someone will be very lucky.

  16. I have done all the blocks, tris and corners and they are sewn in rows. I started Jane in 2003 and she has been a UFO since December 2005. My tip: sew the sashings on the sides AND bottoms as you go. If I had the bottoms on, she would be done!

  17. Sharon in IndianaApril 4, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    I started my DJ about 2 months ago, but only have 2 blocks done. I am using CW reproductions for it with muslin background.

    I haven't done any of the applique blocks yet and am a little apprehensive about doing them. Applique is one technique that I haven't done a lot of, but want to learn more about.

    Since I don't have storage for my scraps, I keep a plastic grocery bag on the door knob close to my cutting table for them. When it's full I give them to other quilters who are doing the doggy beds for the Humane Society.

  18. I would love to win this software and of course the beautiful fabric. I started working on my Dear Jane in 2007 and have only the first row done. My husband decided to retire shortly after I started and we have been lucky enough to do a lot of traveling. I have that working on the Dear Jane has really improved my paper piecing, not only my end product but my understanding of how the paper piecing process works. Also, join the Dear Jane email group. Thanks, Judy

  19. I have started two Dear Jane quilts and would love to add a Dear Hannah!

    My tip is that you should make sure you LOVE your fabric and color selections. Otherwise, you won't be motivated to keep sewing.


  20. I started my DJ journey early autumn 2009. I guess for having started that long ago, I'm not that far along... just finished my 12th block, plus one tri. There have been busy periods where life got in the way though, so I haven’t worked consistently on this.

    Here's my tip: First print one of the blocks on regular printer paper (using EQ6), then I cut freezer paper about 6"W x 8"H. I iron this to the back of the sheet I just printed, centered horizontally, and top edges lined up. (NOTE: Iron just a narrow strip at the top, just enough to keep the sheets together. Do NOT iron the entire sheet of freezer paper. You won't like the results!) Then I have the previously printed image facing up, freezer paper facing down, and feed the sheets through the printer again to print the same block on the dull side of the freezer paper. I do this because the regular paper gives the freezer paper stability to help it feed through the printer nicely.

    I do a bunch up ahead of time so I can pick and choose whichever block I'm in the mood for later. At that time, I can easily pull the freezer paper templates off and use. The image on the regular paper is a reference for after the freezer paper is all cut into pieces.

    Before cutting the freezer paper up, I number all patches, exactly the same on the reference model as on the freezer paper templates. Since my Jane is all purples and light neutrals, my numbering scheme is P1,P 2,P 3, and so on for the 'purple' ones, and W1, W2,W 3, and so on for the neutrals (W = White).

    Rita Martine

  21. I have completed all my DJ blocks, and need to finish off about 40 triangles. I love CW repro's and 1930's repros - that will be my next DJ quilt!! I started in mid 2005 and my journey continues.

    My tip is just try this quilt and learn different techniques as you go, to see blocks done. I've machine pieced, hand pieced, foundation pieced and learnt to get quite neat with my applique using the freezer paper template method.

    I love my DJ.



    jwsmoore at bordernet dot com dot au

  22. I have complete 164 of the blocks for my Dear Jane quilt. Of course, the ones that are left are the ones that require a lot of thought and study. And that's really my tip to anyone attempting this addictive quilt - don't be afraid to set aside the really difficult ones for later. Making all of these little blocks improves your piecing skills, no matter how you try them, be it machine piecing, paper piecing, foundation piecing, applique. What I found for myself was that when I tried those I had set aside, they were no longer difficult. I could see how the block pieces fit, and had very little trouble doing them. These last five have been the most difficult for me, and 4 of them are under construction. However, I'm still having trouble with one and haven't figured it out yet. Hopefully, this week...

  23. I'm just getting started. Got the DJ cd Feb, 2010. Worked on my design. Got the fabrics this week. Printed templates today to cut fabric and start working on blocks A-10, A-3 & A-7. I Have 2 kids and will be making 2 DJ quilts, one in Red, Black and White and the other one with taupe fabrics.
    The one tip I can share now is to print applique templates in freezer paper sheet (fps). Set your templates in the screen at the top of the sheet for let's say block A-10 and print, then set the templates for A-3 in an empty area of the fps already printed and print again and if you still have room set the templates for another block, say A-7 and print on the blank space left on the fps. That way you will have templates for 2-3 or may be 4 blocks without wasting lots of freezer paper. You can also save your bigger scraps of freezer paper for when you hand trace templates.

  24. I'm currently working on 3 Dear Jane quilts and love making the little blocks by hand. One of my quilts is made from scrap fabric, one from 30's fabric and one from Asian fabric. I'm not working on Dear Hannah yet but hope to in the future. I just love making these little blocks!

    Eileen Taylor

  25. I started working on DJ blocks in 2oo5, started with batics and stopped after ~ 35 blocks because the fabric isn't ideal for handpiecing (applique). Participated in several DJ swaps and now I'm working on my own Baby Jane in Japanese, taupe fabrics. Thank you for your generous giveaway! EASTER greetings from Germany: Brigitte brigitte at baierl-home dot de

  26. Hi Heather. What a nice "prize" and congrats on finishing your 50th block! I have been "involved" with Dear Jane and Dear Hannah since 2000 when I first saw The Mother Quilt at the Vermont Quilt Festival. I made most of the triangles and, thinking that was going to be it, put them on another quilt as the border. But I HAD to try the little blocks! So I made a blue and white quilt using most of the blocks. Not satisfied, I started on an Asian Jane which also has some Dear Hannah blocks - it used 98 blocks and is at the long arm quilter's now. I have also participated in various swaps - '30's prints and holiday - and made a few smaller items using various blocks. I have probably made 200 blocks - all without software! I would like to made more DH blocks, so the software would be great, especially for the applique shapes. Thanks! Marianne in Vermont (kotchm@charter.net)

  27. I have finished 54 DJ block and I own DJ softwere and EQ6.
    I have started a DJ group here in my town. I also have tips on my blog in Swedish. www.dalvadis.blogspot.com

  28. I began my DJ January of 2010. I love every minute of it and have completed 20 blocks, 6 triangles, one corner using 565 pieces. I would love to try DH when finished with DJ and know how much help the cd would be. My tip is print out the templates on freezer paper, cut them out including seam allowance, then iron them onto wrong side of fabric, cut out, then remove and trim seam allowance and iron on again for a perfect paper piecing pattern. I also use freezer paper on top of applique piece (basted to fabric in addition to ironing on) then use needle turn method. For the really small pieces I have used foundation piecing, but it takes more time because of the backwards idea (I have trouble remembering). Whatever mehtod, it's all fun.
    Tina in Florida (rtpomeroy4@cfl.rr.com).

  29. Hi, I have not started either of the Dear Jane or the Hannah as I can't decide which one I like better. I drool over the Dear Jane quilts I've seen while searching the web and I look at all the ones people have completed. I think it would be a grand accomplishment to finish one. If I did make one, I am leaning towards a tradional colored one vs. the blue and white ones I've seen. I am also torn on just doing one scrappy. My favorite tradional block pattern is the friendship star. I like trying out differnt block patterns. Maybe that's why I keep drooling over the Dear Jane and Hannah patterns. My favorite sewing tip is that I like to use the forked pins to lock the seams when sewing blocks together as it keeps the pieces from shifting. (pzoerb@q.com)

  30. I started my Dear Jane in 2008. So far, 60 blocks and triangle border blocks are completed. I am using 1930's, with Kona solid in snow as background. It has been a challenge. I keep a spreadsheet with the block name, number of pieces, technique used, and time to complete. Would absolutely love to do Dear Hannah as well! I own the DJ software and EQ6. My tip for DJ is to use paper piecing wherever possible. Avoid applique! HA HA

    Dianne in Liberty, PA

  31. Heather, I'd love to win!! I'm on block 130ish, Tri 20ish (Haven't counted in a while) of DJ. Getting closer to the end!! Donna

  32. Ann from MississippiApril 5, 2010 at 8:33 AM

    I'm really a NEW DJ person and have completed my first block. It was finished, redone,and redone again. I was trying to be true to the tradition and do it by hand piecing but now I've decided that any way is going to be fine. My tip to all my quilting buddies is that perfection is not all's its cracked up to be. Finished is better than perfect.
    I just began this journey in Feb/March of 2010 and have hopes of finishing the whole quilt ...someday!!

  33. This is a neat blog Heather. I've been working on Dear Jane since October 2009 and have finished 56 blocks, 14 Tris and 1 Kite. I'm using fabrics from 1800's and have become totally hooked by this quilt. I use the software and I found that I wanted to paper piece Goshen but they didn't offer that option. So here's a hint - print the block (in color) on paper piecing paper, and cut it apart logically for paperpiecing. Just remember to leave seem allowance on all outside edges of the units when you trim for joining. It worked great! Printing in color provides your roadmap for background vs focus fabric. so you don't have to keep referencing the book. Lyn in NY

  34. I have made 18 Dear Jane blocks, would like to get/keep busy and get a lot more made. I would like to make Dear Hanna in 30's fabrics, as my DJ is in traditional reproductions.
    My tip is: for foundation/paper piecing, use a bit of double sided tape to keep the two fabrics lined up while sewing. It comes off nicely and can be used over and over.
    Thanks for this offer!

  35. I have never done the Dear Jane/Hannah but have admired them from afar! I am a traditional quilter, and I love the civil war fabrics. The one tip that has simplified my piecing is using the "Fit to be Geese" ruler for making flying geese. They come out perfect every time! The ruler comes with several size options.

  36. I love these blocks! I have done about 50 of my Dear Jane blocks. The software is SUCH a big help. My tip is to paper piece (if you like it) as much as possible. I use preironed/preshrunk freezer paper for paper piecing and with the software, just run the freezer paper through my printer. So nice when those little pieces stick and don't shift. :)

    Your fabrics are yummy!! :)


  37. What a delightful giveaway. I do love all the EQ software and would love to play with this package. I must admit that I've never made a Dear Jane/Hannah block, but have always wanted to. I love piecing, but I also love hand applique. And I really like how the Dear Jane/Hannah blocks pull in such a large variety of designs and methods.

    I love all colors, but I do love older style quilts with white or buff backgrounds. I would like to make a Dear Jane/Hannah in traditional colors, with cheerful prints. But I also would like to make one with a buff background and more reds, browns, dark tans for the focal fabrics. But either would be fun for me to work with...especially if I had this Dear Jane/Hannah software!


  38. I have 8 rows completed on my Dear Jane with 5 more rows to go. The best tip that someone gave me was to sash and put your rows together as you complete each row, as it can be a daunting job if left until the end. It's so encouraging to see the rows come together. I have the Dear Jane software (EQ) and couldn't have done this quilt without it.

  39. I have been working on my DJ since December 2009. I working with a large group on QBB.com (where I met this blogster!) and am doing about 4 blocks and 1 triangle each week. I've made over 50 now...and I've learned that I have a loooooong way to go in my applique skills. I love working on this quilt and thinking about what Jane Stickle must've gone through with the original quilt. Must've been some journey for her. I hope she had "fans" back then cheering her on. I know it's fabulous to have the support group that I'm involved with! And that's my tip - quilt in numbers! I find that having others share the journey is half the fun, and I would urge anyone who doesn't have a group, and who is making this quilt, to jump into our group and play along with us! It's tons of fun!

    Thanks for the contest - it's always fun thinking I might win something!!

  40. I've been making DearJane/Dear Hannah blocks for years! I think I started about 2002? Have made enough for several quilts (block swaps of the Dear Jane list, probably 1000 blocks by now), have made about 80 Dear Jane blocks pieced by hand for my own quilt, but have only completed one quilt. Its my 'Moda Jane' quilt. All Moda fabrics,(for a Moda challenge), a combination of Dear Jane blocks, Dear Hannah, traditional, and a few I designed myself. One tip I'd like to share is to use a full sheet label in your printer to print any applique pieces. I use the 'move' tab to place all as close & on one sheet if possible, or to move to 1/2 of the sheet, so I can print another on the bottom half. I then cut these out, place them on top of my applique fabric, and cut, and then applique. I can keep the label paper on till I've completed the applque, and also use it again if needed. You can see my 'Moda Jane ' on webshots, below. Ruth


  41. Hi! I have not started my Dear Jane YET. I am collecting fabrics(its a slow process) and reading reading reading to get to the starting point! I have not made a dear Hannah either, but it is part of the plan! I plan to go see the original Dear Jane this fall. I sew everyday and have completed 3 quilts and have 3 waiting to be hand quilted ( I hand quilt). Beside that I make about 3 Quilts For Kids (from the kits) a week. I teach beginner sewing and I am the President of The Sew Happy Quilters Guild in Morgan City, LA. I love to sit-n-sew at the local quilt shop. I love to share tips and techniques, it's what we quilter do! Of all the quilts I've made, none are for me. I want to make the Dear Jane, Dear Hannah, and Sylvia's Wedding Quilt for myself. My favorite color is green and it finds its way in to each thing I make. The best tip for any quilter is to show others what you know...keep the magic happening!

  42. I haven't tried the Dear Jane/Hannah/etc. blocks yet, but I've been saving up the patterns from Sentimental Stitches Mini Blocks, (which are very similar)to do "some day". I love scrappy quilts and am currently making a log-cabin-style quilt for my son & his new wife. I think the best tip is to chain-sew your blocks, if possible. It not only saves time, but thread, too. I'd LOVE to win the software!!! I can hardly wait till the 18th now!!! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win...God Bless!!

  43. WOW!!! That would be nice! I'm not currently working on DJ or Hannah but am collecting my fabrics for "someday". I want to do them in 30's and Civil War repros--my favorite fabrics. I love the 9-Patch & SBS blocks along with Dresden Plat and Granmdmother's Flower Garden. I hope to do a sampler in 30's fabrics one day of all of my favoriet blocks. When doing 9-Patch, I like to sew three rows together and then cut to the block size--alternating your background fabric and your color fabric. This makes the blocks sew much easier to put together! You are very inspiring and are doing a GREAT job on your DJ's. Hugs, Mary B MS

  44. I have not tried these blocks, yet, but would love to. I do love making Sampler quilts though and have made quite a few. I love florals, bright prints and batiks, actually there are few fabrics I've met that I haven't liked. I also like Aunt Gracie prints as well. The tip that helps me the most is to cut the squares a bit larger when making half square triangles, and then squaring them to the correct size. That has saved me many headaches.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. I have just started and have 4 blocks done! No tips yet but anxious to read the ones that will be posted here.


  46. I have the Dear Jane Book, I have EQ. I have collected fabrics just for DJ. I have not made my first block. I think I have Dear Jane quilt block block! I am very partial to the patriotic fabric colors and the Hunter's Star is my favorite quilt block pattern. My best quilting tip is to use a tailor's clapper after pressing to have perfectly flat blocks.

  47. What a great giveaway. I get out my dear janes every once in a while and pet them. I think traditional is the way to go for this quilt but that is just my preference.

  48. Oh my, I had to go and count how many I've done....it didn't take long - I've only completed 11 blocks, 1 triangle, and one kite...All of them lovely, but I have to admit it can be difficult. I've been working on my applique and I think I'll focus on a few of those for the time being. I love DJ and someday I'll finish! I love it in all the colorways I've seen, but my favorite fabrics to work with are reproduction civil war era.
    I can't get enough of them! Thank you for this wonderful blog to help keep me inspired.
    Lynelle/FL lussery@hotmail.com

  49. Heather, What a wonderful surprise to see all your beautiful Dear Jane blocks done with Aunt Gracie fabrics. They are so crisp and pretty and done so nicely. When I made my DJ I became so obsessed that all I talked about was 'Dear Jane Visits PA', to anyone that would listen . I used old looking fabrics and civil war fabrics but would have never thought of using Aunt Gracies and those beautiful fabrics. Keep stitching and before you know it your Beautiful Dear Jane will be a quilt top ready to be quilted. I had 4,999 pieces in my Dear Jane and learned so many new techniques along the way. Thanks for sharing your blocks to all of us through this wonderful blog. Happy Stitching, Nancy in PA

  50. I have done about 25, maybe a few more, of the Dear Jane blocks. I have hand pieced these blocks I have completed. But I may have to start machine piecing them if I am to ever complete it. Right now Jane is resting and I really do need to wake her up soon and get the rest of the blocks finished. My best tip is to be patient. These blocks are a learning curve and do require patience. If you don't do one to your liking or it doesn't turn out well, don't be afraid to try again. I also found that for many of the blocks the hand piecing works the best.

    Have a great day.

  51. I just joined this blog so do not have a favoirte dj. I love quilt patterns. Tried to send message earlier so hope this isn't a repeat. I recently finished a tee shirt quilt for niece using her tee shirts from college softball team. She was the pitcher. My tip is to make copies of trial squares and completed quilts and keep on file. It is easier to email to friends for help or to brag.

  52. I have not done a Dear Jane or Dear Hannah quilt. I have studied up on the Dear Jane but have got get brave!!! My color combination are actually scrappy quilts 2nd are blues. My favorite block is a simple 9 patch because I just learned about disappearing 9 patch and am fascinated with it. I am currently working on a sampler quilt for my mother. NEXT? A Dear Jane!!!! gelswood@aol.com

  53. i have just (over this weekend) done my first block in "Dear jane". I would love to have it finished by the end of the year.I am an Autumn person so have chosen greens and browns on cream homespun. these colors feature in a lot of my sewing. What I have learnt from the Dear jane list and website has been amazing and a humble tip I have.is have plenty of the templates on hand. I am from The Capital of Australia, canberra.

  54. I haven't done a DJ yet. They are so beautiful.
    My favorites are reproductions, I'm doing a Dresden plate with 30's prints.
    I saw this really inexpensive way to keep my rulers organized...I use a metal file folder holder for the larger ones and a small envelope holder for the smaller ones. Find them in the office supply section of the store.

  55. I haven't tried the DJ blocks. I love them though. It seems I love everything. My favorite blocks are New York Beauties. I like to paper piece them. I really love bright colors and scrappy quilts.
    I use freezer paper when I am paper piecing. It's really helpful that the fabric can be ironed to this paper.

  56. I started my DJ in February 2009 and have done about 20 blocks in Civil War fabrics. I am fairly new at patchwork and quilting and this will be my third quilt. Most of my hints come from other people i.e. the DJ website and That Quilt, but I do use freezer paper and have found that handpiecing works best for me although I have done some of my blocks by foundation piecing.

    Thanks for the chance.

    Julie in Melbourne Australia

  57. I've just started my Dear Jane journey. (as of last Tuesday!). I've just finished my third block, I'm handpiecing, but I have another 4 blocks all prepped and ready to go. I've joined a group who meet once a month to keep me going-boy do I need that, I purchased the book 9 years ago , I don't rush into anything! LOL.
    My best tip so far is to "block" each block as I finish so that they end up the right size and square.
    I'm loving my journey so far!

  58. I started My D J in Nov 2008 Was it really that long ago.? I love paper peicing. My tip would be to take your time and a group to actually see others work is inspiring. I have done 51 blocks. I am doing it in civil wars. I would love to win the Dear Hannah software. Then I could start another quilt ! Hannah is so pretty.

  59. Many congrats on going "Golden"!! A great accomplishment!! I started my Dear Jane in November of 2004 and have completed all 225 blocks and triangles! It's basted together and I've started to hand-quilt, but it's not going as fast as I would like! ;o
    My tip is, when ironing freezer paper onto fabric (hand-piecing),use Linda Franz' good idea of a strip of card-stock between the pieces. If you cut the strip 1/2" inch wide, you'll get the exact amount for two seam allowances! And, you can iron on it, not like those plastic rulers!! LOL!! Anyway, it saves tons of time as well as fabric!
    These days, I'm working on DJ#2 which is being done with Kaffe Fassett fabrics! You really can get addicted to these little blocks! I'm crossing my fingers in hopes of winning your great giveaway!!!
    Cheers from Denmark!!

  60. What fun, every Dear Jane block teaches you something new even if not to do that one again. I luv old repro colors and jumped into hand piecing a DearJane. I think of how did she have time to complete such a treasure. Next I would like to do DearHannah, sew pick me. Will check back on your progress also.

  61. I have not done a Dear Jane yet, I've been saving up for the book of patterns. I can't wait to do one. My favorite theme is Civil War Reproductions. I'm a history buff and can't wait to see what I can do with these fabrics. I love traditional earth tone color combinations. My favorite color is green, and I love to work with it and green and brown make a great combo in a quilt.

    I have two tips. To save on thread and to add to my scrap stash, I sew to small squares or previously made small HST blocks together and the beginning and ending of all chain piecing. I've got one full bin of squares and half squares sewn together. Someday, enough for a postage stamp quilt. secondly, I never cut triangles first. I sew only squares and rectangles together. I add another seam and cut between the seams to make my flying geese etc. then I have a HST block to put towards my scrap quilts. No sewing on the bias and minimal stretching and stress.

  62. I have the Dear Hannah book for years but haven't made any blocks from it yet. I do have a Dear Jane quilt partially put together. All the center blocks are assembled and all the triangle blocks are pieced, but they've been sitting for about ten years (!) waiting to be put together! My hint is that I made most of the pieced blocks with foundation paper piecing. When you know how to take a block and make the FPP pattern, it makes those small blocks much easier. Also the triangles. I even took some of the blocks that had diamonds to be appliqued in the original and designed them to be FPP'd instead of applique.

  63. I have never made a Dear Jane, but I have always admired them at large quilt shows!

    My favorite type of quilt is a crazy quilt. When I work with tradional blocks I really love to use Thimbleberries fabrics and many fabrics from Moda.

    The tip that I'd like to offer is about attaching the binding. After it is sewed onto the front, iron well and starch it into place. Keep ironing and starch the fold into place and iron more from the back. Then use elmer's school glue to hold the binding to the back instead of pins or clips. It stays in place a long time and is so much easier on you hands. Plus, it looks good while you are still doing the hand stitching to the back. This tip originated with Sharon Schamber on her video about binding the angel. I've been doing my bindings this way ever since I watched her video.

  64. I just purchased the DJ book and will be starting my blocks this next week. It is my understanding from what others have recently told me that it is much easier to work with the software. I am really excited about getting started on this quilt - although a little scared because I've only been quilting for a year and a half and I still have so much to learn. The introduction to "Getting Started" making the DJ blocks emphasizes the importance of making each block 4 1/2" (finished size). One of my problems is that my blocks don't always turn out to be the same size - no matter how hard I try! I am going to try to partner up with someone who can help me figure out what I am doing wrong.

  65. I have made two DJs - that is, one of them is without the triangel borders. You can see them both on my blog, text only in Norwegian but you can find the pictures by choosing the DJ label. Best tip? Enjoy the journey!! And: you can do it, just believe in yourself - and it will come out great. And buy way more background fabric than you think you will need...
    I do not own the software, so I have traced every pattern from the book. Quite a few of the patterns can be simplyfied, check pattern against photo in the book. See C-11 (you can make a full central cirkle), E-8 (several lines can be eliminated, making for fewer and bigger pieces and I also changed M-1 in a similar way.
    I have said in my quilt guild that I will not make another DJ, but I may change my mind some day *giggles*

  66. I started working on my DJ in Jan '09. The day I got my book I made 2 blocks! I have as of today (4/9/10) made 118 blocks and 4 corners. I guess I'm saving the best for last, the triangles! I'm only using a fabric once and using unbleached muslin. My quilting buddies give me bits of fabric do use for "Jane". I'm also, and this is my tip, doing the "fun and done" method of putting the blocks together after each block is quilted. My blocks are hand pieced and hand quilted. I'm doing a road trip the end of the month so I'm getting a lot of blocks cut and ready to sew. I'm planning to do Dear Hannah after I put the finishing touches on Jane.
    Melinda Ballard
    Norfolk, VA

  67. Hey, thanks so much for following me. I became your follower to because we Janiacs should support each other schouldn't we? :)

    My favorite DJ block...M13.

    Take care!

  68. Sorry, forgotten...
    CONGRATS with your 50 blocks finished. Great!

  69. I do mostly English Paper Piecing, and I LOVE 1930s prints and old French inspired things (like French General). My favorite "blocks" are Dresden Plates! My tip is to use the best quality thread (size 50 cotton and size 100 silk) for piecing and applique. A GOOD hand sewing needle is worth its weight in gold, too.

    A dear Jane/Hannah quilt is one of my "must do" quilts!

  70. Great giveaway. I've posted about your giveaway on my site where I share insights on contests & giveaways: http://sewcalgalcontestinfo.blogspot.com/ {I hope that it is ok}.


  71. I have never attempted Dear Jane yet,though I have seen some beautiful versions of it! I have always loved the Mariner's compass block. I guess because it's a challenge. Favourite colour scheme is the blues. Best quilty tip, post it notes on my cut out shapes to make blocks--helps keep me organized before sewing.
    Thanks for having such a wonderful give away!

  72. WOW! Congratulations on 50! I just found you through SewCalGal. :-) I started DJ a few weeks ago with a friend and we are doing 2 blocks/week.. unless its a triangle~ those are 1/week (we've done one~ LOL!). ;-) I'm doing mine with my CW stash and really have enjoyed the challenges so far. As far as a tip, so far all I can comment on is how important accurate seams are! I have a 6.5 inch square ruler that has 1/8 inch markings on it and it helps me a lot! Thank you for the chance! :-)

  73. Congratulations on your 50th block! It's been nearly 5 years since I started my DJ and I have 52 blocks done... it's a hand project in between my full time job, other projects and college studies, so this is S-L-O-W going. Not that I mind! My tip would be to work alternately on easy and difficult blocks. That way you get some hard blocks out of the way while still getting the occasional 'quickie' block finished.

  74. Dear Hannah is my favorite of the two. I started making the blocks in 2004, finishing about 40 blocks before becoming seriously ill. After a long recuperation and not being able to sew, I now have a total of 52 blocks finished. The applique blocks are my favorite ones to sew and I'm using CW repro fabric.
    My tip is to make sure your 1/4" seam allowance is accurate when piecing these little blocks.
    This might just be what I need to get me back on track again. Thanks.

  75. I'm still collecting fabric for my DJ/DH (QD) quilt! I love most colors of fabrics, but lean toward highly saturated, bright/intense colors. Right now I'm in love with quarter inch hexagons. One of the reasons I love hexagons (this is my tip) is because I can use my computer printer to print the template directly on the wrong side of the fabric with Inklingo by Linda Franz. My cutting and stitching lines are printed right there and I can stitch them with a running stitch instead of paper piecing.

  76. Thank you for the chance to win this software and great fabrics. I am presently working on a dear jane quilt.It is challegning but I am not giving up.

  77. I haven't tried the Dear Jane or Dear Hannah blocks yet, I am waiting for delivery of my EQ6 software, I know hubby got it for me for my birthday.
    I have been testing out all kinds of pieced blocks and making them into Charity lap robes which is what I am currently working on. I have 4 more cut out waiting to be sewn, three are done.
    I haven't done applique yet but that is in the near future as well as paper pieced pineapple block

  78. I am new to quilting!
    I have never tryed the Dear Jane or Dear Hannah series yet. I look forward to it someday hopefully soon! I love all themes, colours, Batik prints is my favourite line of quilting cottons, I also like the Log Cabin quilt block pattern. I like to pre-cut my fabrics and lay them out in the pattern i have chosen on graph paper, that way if I don't like it I can always change it.
    Thanks so much for the oportunity to try out the Dear Hannah software!

  79. No le hecho "Ninguno de DJ, Los miro y Por Ahora espero REUNIR Las Telas y mas realizarlos Experiencia párr.
    Mis favoritos Los bloques hijo Diseños Tradicionales, estrella de Ohio y tormenta en El mar, trabajo generalmente Restos de tela Con Los Que tengo.
    Para El acolchado: Alfileres CADA 10 cm sumadas un hilvanes en cruz.

  80. Haven't tried Dear Jane but it is on my to do list. My favourite fabric colour is purple, my favourite block is Ohio Star and my best tip is to chain piece.

  81. I have not yet attempted a Dear Jane or Dear Hannah block (I am a quilting beginner).

    I love all dog fabrics in any color combinations.

    I just learned how to do a 9 Patch block so for now that is my favorite block.

    My favorite tip: Don't be afraid to cut and sew, practice makes perfect. [tied with] Ziplock bags and a sharpie marker can really help organize your pieces.

  82. My favourite colour: red.
    My favourite Dear Jane block: M8 Enchanted Square (twitter avatar)
    I have done 79 of the Dear Jane blocks and I started my blue Dear Jane in November 2009.

    Thanks, Carmen María (Spain).

  83. As well as the words 'FREE copy of the beloved DEAR HANNAH SOFTWARE', I just love the last words -'This drawing is not limited to U.S. residents.' BLISS!! We very rarely get a chance at a contest like this in Scotland. Oh I would love the Dear Hannah Software. I got EQ6 a few months ago, and love it. This would be an added bonus. Yeah right. It would be FANTASTIC!!
    My tip. I always carry a small zip lock bag with a small tin in it in my bag or my pocket. In it I have small scissors, 3 bobbins of thread, white, black and grey, pins, needles and a small piece of wax. In the bag I have a small project to work on, be it applique, piecing or perhaps hexagons. It is amazing how much you can accomplish, by sewing at odd moments. Just think, I could have my 'Dear Hannah' blocks cut out and ready for sewing. (Grin)

  84. I love Dear Jane and have thought frequently about attempting Dear Hannah. I have about 20 blocks done on my Dear Jane, I am using civil war reproductions for it, and I think the best thing I have found, is the Dear Jane cd, I use it all of the time for printing out patterns for paper piecing, some of those blocks have such tiny pieces, I have no idea how Jane did it.

  85. This drawing is now closed. Thank you for sharing your tips and encouragement. The winner will be randomly drawn tomorrow by an impartial person. I'll update as soon as possible.
    All my best & HAPPY QUILTING!!


Your comments are always welcome. :)