Fabric in the Mail! What Could Possibly be Better?

Fabric in the mail. A fantastic

selection of it.

What could be better, you ask?

It felt like Christmas around here this weekend!

My order from Ericas arrived much quicker than I expected...
3 fantastic books for the library arrived Saturday with a


beautiful, scrappy pattern & templates, too.

I even found a stack of kid friendly fat quarters (on sale, no less!).

Spoiled by another gorgeous sunny day today...we found some time to play outside {so no time to quilt----maybe tomorrow}.

This is our first floral loss of the Wiffle Ball Season. There will be plenty more to come, I'm sure.

We'll have to look forward to the blossoms at second base next year....unless I wise up and move them this fall.

Happy Stitching (and gardening!)

These are the violets I've been waiting on...the purple centers are more pronounced this year but they're a gorgeous white, light purple to dark in the very center. YAY!


  1. Great fabrics!! Love the repros and they are perfect for Easter!

  2. Those afbrics are wonderful I was looking at that book, Fancy to Frugal. Let me know if you like it. The flowers are so pretty!

  3. Beautiful fabrics, there's something about fabric in the mail that is better than just going to the shop and buying it, although that is good too. I love violets but it gets too hot here for them to grow successfully.

  4. Very sweet! What great fabrics and books. I always love that look.

  5. Fancy to Frugal...now that title really captures my attention. I'd love to see the variety of quilts in there. I'm going to have to see if our library has it.


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