Easiest Half Square Triangles and Pinwheels EVER.

Am I the last to find out or is this the coolest trick you've ever seen?
AWESOME! I'm never going old school with my HSTs again, 
thanks to Missouri Star Quilt Co.
Happy Quilting!!


  1. Really smart!! This was news to me too, and I will never do it the old way again - thanks for sharing!

  2. For sure I will be using that next time as well, so simple. Thanks Heather.

  3. Greath Heather, I do it next time, that the easy way.

  4. Yes, I've done some pinwheels this way and I love it. So easy and quick. If you need a specific size, just play around until you figure it out. Use the ones you don't want and put them together for a little doll quilt or Quilts for Kids quilt. No waste or lost time because you are having fun anyway! hugs, Linda


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