Grand Total: 82! Woo Hoo

My newest additions could have been pieced for you curve aficionados out there...however, as fearless as my quilting is I've yet to conquer the curve. I thought I'd be all over it right away but curve piecing these tiny blocks makes me nauseous. Since I did manage to learn a bit of applique, I skipped the curves and finished in a reasonable amount of time. I'd say quickly but I did have a big problem with the first one when it was just stitches from completion. Overtired and enthusiastic to finish a block, I clipped right through my work. It happens---just a reminder to slow down, I suppose. =)
82 blocks and counting---I like the sound of that.
Happy Quilting


  1. 82 is quite a few blocks. Looks good even though you aren't fond of piecing them.

  2. Whoohoo! Way to go! They look mah-velous too! :-)

  3. Close to the half way mark now :-)
    Well done!

  4. Your blocks are lovely! I do like the retro fabrics. 82 blocks, whow! How many will there be?

  5. Wow ..... these are wonderful and I look forward to seeing a peek of the layout.

  6. So annoying when you clip too much (been there, done that) and it always happens at the end.

  7. Pip, so true! I took a few days away from it and am feeling better.

    Rose Marie, it's a work in progress. I have a few software programs that work independently so the most thorough layout is still in my head =).

    Lilla Marilla, there will be 169 blocks that make up the center of the quilt. Triangles (if I do them) will add quite a few more. An earlier entry explains quite a bit about the background of the original.

  8. I think I've responded individually to everyone but Lilla Marilla. I'm not able to respond directly to you due to your privacy settings. =)

    Thanks so much for reading!


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