Fabric SHOPPING Spree!

The hubs took me on  road trip for a little day away----to 2 quilt shops! I know. I tell him all the time he's the best! You're not going to believe the treasures I found. If you're into 30s and NOT shopping at Ericas, what are you doing? They have other great stuff, too but you know I'm completely obsessed with repros.

I found some YLI silk thread. I'll give it a whirl on the next applique block and give you my opinion. Not to worry, I think I have one scheduled for the begining of the week, so it shouldn't be a long wait. For now, you can check out the latest fabrics that will make their way into JANE.


  1. You have purchased great fabric's .
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Oh, your 30's fabrics are just so beautiful!!!
    You're going to be at 50 blocks before you know it!!!
    All the best!

  3. Thanks for your kind comments Tiny & Mary Ann! 50 is just around the corner!! =)

  4. I started counting your fabrics but gave up, they look lovely, I'm extremely envious. Silk thread is really nice for applique, I have used it on some of my applique blocks.

  5. Pip,
    I think the grand total was 52 Fat Quarters, 35 fat eighths, and a few pieces of yardage...I'll have to save the yardage for next post. =)

  6. OH DEAR GOODNESS, but those fabrics are to DIE FOR!!!

    BTW, if you want 2 pictures of my L-10 (Nasty Nan) block, send me an email at robich@rogers.com

    I tried replying to your "comment" on my blog, but it was a "no-reply" addy.


  7. HMMM. I'll have to fix that response thing, Rosa. Thanks for letting me know. I like your name for L-10 better LOL!! It's something else. I'm sending an email.

  8. Wow all that fabric - what a treat. BEAUTIFUL and enjoy. You really have a special DH :-)
    I only use silk thread when I appliqué, I find it the best. And congratulations on your 50 and over 1000.

  9. I l0ve 30's fabrics as well!! What a pretty selection~ I will be watching as you complete your Dear Jane~it on my wish list...

  10. WOW! Wow! Wow! What fun you will have with those fabrics.
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. You are on no-reply so I have to respond here. I'm loving your 30's DJ. Mine will be an antique by the time I get it quilted! LOL
    Let me know if you need help changing your settings so you won't be on no reply.

  11. y, o my! Those 30s are real eye-candy!
    If you have to many..............please, let me know, and I give you my snail address.
    Bye the way: your blocks are so lovely. Fine workma's ship!

  12. Lori & Els
    Thank you!! Funny you should mention having too many, Els----I'm adding a giveaway shortly! You'll have to stay tuned for details.
    Happy Quilting!

  13. WOW What a selection of fabric! I just started collecting the 30's fabrics.


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