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Curve Master Presser Foot - plastic snap on foot with universal adapters fits most sewing machines
This morning I played with the Curve Master again after a long break. I brought it out when Melissa was over but stumbled through it a bit since it's been so long. I'd like to get a tiny bit of practice in before her next visit so I can give her a proper demonstration...but I LOVE that no pins are involved. None. Can you imagine piecing curves without pinning?? It's such a neat little gadget!


This block came together rather quickly...but it is just a sample. If you're sewing along, please use any 12 1/2 inch unfinished block you'll enjoy creating.

On to other bloggy business...

Reader, Shannon asked about the 1930s reproductions and states she's a new collector of similar fabrics. I sent a reply several times but it has been returned to me undeliverable. In case there is more interest in this topic, I've decided to post my response here.

About half of my fabric stash is made up of 30s reproductions, the majority of which are out of print by Judie Rothermel (Marcus Brothers)...I started buying them at a local quilt shop and found a lot at the International Quilt Festival Chicago, too. Difficult to find locally, I search the internet and pick some up whenever I can. I've been collecting these types of fabrics for several years, so please know going in it's going to take a while to accumulate a wide variety.

Blue Hill's Toybox & Feedsack Lines are some that I adore, I have a few by Nancy Mahoney (P&B textiles) and some really nice Darlene Zimmerman deigns (Robert Kaufman). Some of my older fabrics are by Windham, from the the feedsack & storybook lines. Chloe's closet fabrics by moda, Maywood Studios' Makin' Conversation, and some RJR lines (like everything but the kitchen sink & roaring 20s and beyond) have a spot in my heart...as do the Henry Glass' Posies+Puppies plus special edition ones like the Kansas City Star Patterns of History. I believe the KC Star line was designed by Barbara Brackman for moda.

I sometimes find other smaller brands through swaps online....connecting threads have some but they are not my first choice in fabrics. I think they are called mama's cottons and something canning, it escapes me for the moment. Please note free shipping is limited to the US only.

There's also the Andover washtub series and the new Lots of Dots line that I have a few of. If you are willing to shop online, you'll have access to more lines and brands of fabrics than what your local shops carry. My favorite LQS is begining to widen the selection (YAY!) and I do travel to another shop in South Bend for some goodies (at Ericas---you can find them under the old fashioned link LOL)...I can buy online but prefer going there in person.

In general, just love the style of these fabrics as they remind me of my great grandmother. I'm lucky enough to have some vintage 30s fabrics from her coveted stash, (and some from Marjorie's family, too). There's a bit of information on my first 2 Stash Manicure guest posts here:  if you'd care to read more.

Are you collecting for a specific project or are you still on the hunt for the perfect way to display your fabrics? Some 30s are identical reproductions in quilters cottons, others are a general style that the designers update a bit for contemporary sewists. To find which lines appeal most to you, be sure to check out the various websites to get a feel for the entire line. There are some beautiful fabrics out there! Enjoy the process and please let me know if I can be of assistance.
Happy Quilting,


  1. Don't forget me here in Denmark!!!
    I love reading your blog, too!!
    Cheers! Mary Ann

  2. I love the curve master foot. You have created a beautiful monochromatic curved block.

  3. I had to google the curve master foot. What a fabulous tool!!

  4. Anina is having a 30's fabric give away. If I win, I'll have her send it to you. (Don't hold your breath, I don't win stuff.) http://twiddletails.blogspot.com/2010/10/win-some-wednesday_20.html

  5. Wow, lots of countries there, I must check on mine and see where everyone comes from. I'm a bit of a magpie with fabric, if I like it I buy it.

  6. This id the Shannon you mentioned in this post. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Such good info. I went and checked out all the links. I can't wait to start buying from some of these places. I do have a small collection of Chloe's Closet, the Hopscitch from Moda. I love it!!

  7. I've been away for a while but don't forget me living in Sweden!

  8. Great Job on the Black & White Block! Your Mom and I are enjoying your Blog tonight in Auburn!


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