RSVP Block 2

EQ Block: Weathervane

As you can imagine, the final week of summer break has left me with very little time. I completed another RSVP block and cut most of an applique block out. However, the applique background fabric doesn't work for me and I haven't found the time to get over to the quilt shop yet. I probably won't get to it this week, but will have to make time soon so I can back to my Baby Jane.

Speaking of Jane, 30s goodies arrived this week! I heart fun mail!! Thank you so much!

Why is it when you're pressed for time, you have machine issues? It's been a while since I've had it in for maintenance and I have been overdoing it a bit lately...if I can just hold off until I get the main blocks done, I'll be happy. Thank goodness the old White is here on standby.

We've been getting reacquainted today.

Happy Quilting,


PS I just saw a post about a lovely (I'm guessing 30s) quilt on Cumberland Island Quilt Chick with printed linen in it. I just received some this past weekend from my great grandmother's stash via mom. Thought you might like to take a little peek at vintage printed linen. GORGEOUS!----and, they're in pink and green, so you know I'm thrilled.


  1. THank you for telling me about printed linen~I didn't know much about it. Great fabrics you have! :)

  2. Great 1930s prints. Those are going to look great in DJ blocks. It is so good to have a backup machine. The people at the service center never seem to understand that we can't be without a machine for that long.

  3. Trying to fit everything in is hard sometimes, I want to do so much but life gets in the way sometimes. My machine should go in for a service, they tell me I will be without it for 2 weeks, I have a backup machine, an old clunker, so I might have to get that out.


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