Clip art courtesy of Dawn's Quilting Clip Art

Do you adore the minis, love the midget blocks, follow Gay's adventures at Sentimental Stitches??

I checked in a couple weeks ago and thought I found some NEW BLOCKS. I've been a bit distracted lately, so I didn't get it posted right away...but I had good intentions, so bear with me. Last night, I stopped by to see how many I'd need to print to keep my little pile of goodies up to date and found a retirement announcement. Not to worry, Gay's not going anywhere. But, the first 55 blocks will be unavailable after this month!

Hop to it if you've not printed the first 55 or if you've skipped a couple, I wouldn't want you missing out down the road.

Happy Printing!!



  1. I've got them all saved and printed. Safe and sound. Now I just have to make them.....

  2. Hmm, I really need another quilt pattern like I need a hole in my head, but I hopped over and looked and now I think I'd better start printing them, thanks Heather


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