Getting Back in the Groove

Well, after a bit of time away from darling Jane, it's so good to be back on a roll. If you are still working on these blocks, watch your piecing this week to avoid the dreaded seam ripper (and the frustration that follows). =)

I'm in green mode these days, thanks to some quality time in my garden. I chose pinks and greens for the largest areas of the quilt this past winter because they're my favorite colors. I imagine we'll be seeing more of this color combination over the next few weeks as I tweak my initial schedule.

I'm hoping to have 100 blocks done by my birthday this fall and all of them complete by the end of the year. Sounds reasonable, right? We shall see, my fabulous readers, we shall see.

Wishing you a most pieceful week. 
Happy Quilting,



  1. Those blocks are just amazing. One day I will pluck up the courage to have a go at Dear Jane but my one attempt at one of the easier blocks showed me my skill levels weren't there yet!

  2. Gorgeous fabrics, and beautiful work, as always...

  3. I've only done one of those blocks, B5. Still working my way across row C but doing the BOW as well. I think I need to do a couple of tris this weekend.
    At the rate you are going I'm sure you will get to 100 by your birthday. Still loving all your greens.

  4. Great looking blocks! I haven't figured out when I'll be done, just trying to do 2/week for now. ;-)

  5. Heather,
    They are looking great!!

  6. You are shaming me. I haven't touched my DJ in years. I like to see someone who works with the 30's repros. I am bi-repro myself (19th c and 1930's).

  7. Great blocks! I love the colors you use.

    Take care.

  8. Just love the green prints you chose for your blocks this week! You're blocks are so cheerful! Makes me want to create a 30's Jane too. (perhaps someday)


  9. Your blocks are gorgeous Heather.
    Do you make them by hand or machine.
    It grows, and grows until it's finished.
    take care.
    Els from the Netherlands

  10. So very pretty, I love the soft greens you've chosen. Beautiful!


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