FWQAL Blocks

Last night the blocks were arranged for a group photo...
not necessarily in the final setting, just to see where things are.

40 blocks complete.

Happy Piecing, 




This is what happens 
when mindless piecing 
and skipping the iron
sound like a great way to piece.

The left and right middle pieces 
were accidentally solid because I was 'in the zone'.
SO, my friendly seam ripper made the situation
right but because I finger pressed my seams
and skipped a proper pressing, the whole middle is off.

It looks like a redo and I'm laughing because this
should have been such an easy block.

Tomorrow is another day.



Farmer's Wife Block #75

There's a lot going on this week,
some of it unplanned.

As I take care of some family stuff,
please bear with the shortened, irregular posts.

All my best,


FWQAL: Windows

Windows for the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along
came together quickly.

I'm looking forward to some more piecing later in the week.



Farmer's Wife block 'Periwinkle' is also known
as Snowball, Arkansas Snowflake and Arkansas Star variation.

Happy Piecing,


Traditional Block: English Ivy

I first saw this pattern at the International Quilt Show at Rosemont 
where a beautiful antique quilt called 'tobacco leaf' stole my heart. 
The majority of blocks I've found with tobacco in the title consist of curved pieces.

It took quite a while to track the original pattern down... 
I finally found it and whipped up a quick block 
for the RSVP fundraiser quilt. 

The English Ivy Vintage Pattern dates back to the early 1900s,
appearing in the Kansas City Star in 1931.

Can't you just see a whole quilt of these beauties?

Happy Piecing,


The Farmer's Daughter

Another FWQAL block for the stack.
Polka dots + Kaffe=perfect combination for a
rainy day.

Happy Piecing,


FWQAL quickie

Streak of Lightning (#92 in the Farmer's Wife Series)
came together quickly this morning.

I'm off to add it to the Flickr group
and make some fabric selections for the next one.

Have a wonderful day
Happy Sewing,


Fall Themed Blocks

RSVP has requested some 'Fall Themed' Blocks
{12.5 inch unfinished} for their annual fundraiser quilt.

Anyone interested in creating pieced or applique blocks 
for the quilt is welcome to join in the fun. 

You can read more about RSVP here.

Please feel free to email for any questions/comments
at heatherL [02] at yahoo dot com

Some of the blocks RF readers 
donated in previous years include:

A search of RSVP on the blog will bring up 
additional posts, if you'd like to learn more.

All my best,


Seeing Stars: FWQAL

One new addition to the Farmer's Wife Stack
and it's a FUN one!

{#87 in the series}



Baby Gifts & garden update

Baby Eddie has arrived!
His parents appreciated the Eric Carle themed gift box
and we hope he loves his blankie as much as
 our munchkin does.

If you have ever worked with minky, 
you know that the end result is a perfect 
weight, super soft favorite of tactile toddlers. 

Getting to the finish isn't always a dream 
come true, but well worth the extra effort
{including lots and lots of pinning}.

The books included are two of my kids' favorites
so I couldn't help but add them to his budding 
{Remember the board book days? AW.}
Last night we had a freeze warning and 
temps dipped down into the low 20s.
Now, that's normal for this time of year, 
but the plants seem to think it's late May/early June.

To keep the strawberries going, 
Mr. Fabulous was kind enough to cover 
the strawberry patch and some of the landscape with sheets.

So far, it looks like just a few hostas were slightly damaged.

I'm getting temp and weather warning updates 
regularly from my middle guy...
he has an app for that,
(actually two). 

Have a Wonderful Weekend,


Quilt Show Continued

Grandma's Garden by Norma Phelps

Another copy of the String Star Quilt
{since the last post didn't allow enlargement}

Sandy Cleavland's Bears Paw,
Quilted by
Brenda Salinas (left)

Barbara Olson's Stop the Recount, quilted by the Church Ladies (right) 
   1930s reproduction fabric----love that Little Bo Peep!

 Feed Sack Flowers

Antique Scrappy Sunflower: unknown

 The Diamond Field: Unknown

 I hope you've enjoyed the mini tour.
Be sure to check out the biennial show at Porter County Expo Center
if you can get to NW Indiana.
The String-A-Long Guild puts on a great show!



Quilt Show Highlights

Feedsack Quilt by Judy Signorino, Quilted by Susan Atwell
Going gaga over the feedsack prints....reminds me 
of the treasures sent over by Marjorie
They're tucked away for the perfect project.

String Star, Pennsylvania Circa 1880
For you string quilt fanatics out there 
{and those of us who thought this was a relatively new phenomenon},
String Star from the 1880s.

1910 Vintage Blocks
Old Fly Foot Friendship Quilt by Pat Atwell, Quilted by Susan Atwell

 This quilt was such a treat to see and then we noticed the 2 embroidered names

...and the paper names that were attached to the original blocks. 
What a find!

Special thanks to Karen & Diane for tolerating all my picture taking
and quilty ramblings.

More to come in the next installment.
Happy Quilting,

Antique Applique

This beautiful quilt was on display at the String Along Quilt Guild show 
at the Porter County Expo Center over the weekend. 
Don't you just love the D.W.??
Gorgeous and in such fantastic condition, too.
The hand quilting is positively exquisite.

There are more photos to come, including some vintage 30s
{but of course!} and more antique blocks that made me squeal in delight.