RSVP Embroidery

Slow progress on the RSVP car quilt block, but it's been a while 
since I did any embroidery.
The fill should go quickly in red...
it's the chrome I'm a little worried about.

Those who were with us last year 
may remember my less than stellar use of the super thin 
(and incredibly slippery)
silver thread.

Have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
We're going to celebrate in our jammies and get plenty of rest while we can.

Looks like our dog has a head start.

Best Wishes & Happy Stitches,


Fun Mail Arrives!

The wheels are spinning with the new (to me) addition of Aunt Grace Friends Around the World!

Readers may remember some of the Dear Jane blocks done
{You'll find a few more are at G13, 100th Post & 5 Triangles}.
I had the hardest time finding the whole
set since they've been out of print for a while.

I have been searching for some of the pieces for a very long time...

I have such a soft spot for Judie's fabrics. 
She's still my favorite designer
{and I'm beginning to think she always will be}.

Maybe this winter I'll pick it back up again.

Happy Sewing,