A Morning of Sewing

Finally a bit of free time in the sewing room! Thanks so much for hanging in there with me.
Words cannot express how much I've missed piecing & sharing with you along the way.

To get back into the swing of things, I'm fussy cutting hexagons and am having a blast. 
They're ideal for practicing the Y seam **also known as set-in and inset seams**. While the larger sizes are good practice, it's great to get some smaller ones in, too once you're comfortable with the process {especially if you're considering taking on Jane}.

For those of you who love the look of fussy cut hexagons, you're probably going to be cutting with shears. People still use scissors to cut with? SHOCKING, isn't it?? LOL

It's true, there are some fancy machines available to shave some time off prep work but I've yet to find one that meets my needs. I've even toyed with rotary cut hexagons for a while but wasn't thrilled with the results and found it didn't save much time because to do them, you press your fabric strip in half. Try getting that center press out without distorting a little hexi! It comes in handy for your solid pieces but to highlight your favorite fabrics, it's not the best method.


In any case, I'm taking it back to old school methods and am thrilled with the results. To make my templates, I use graph paper. I glue the shape on to template plastic and cut it out. That's it. Easy Peasy. On the rare occasion I'm out of template plastic, I have been known to use poster board or cereal boxes but they do not maintain their shape long if you're rotary cutting....fine for shears if you're careful. 

I do have one go-to acrylic for hexagons....it's a green Darlene Zimmerman Hexagon Template by EZ Quilting/Wrights. It's a bit hard to use for cutting piles of the same size hexagons, but a perfect reference tool.

It's great to be back!!

Happy Sewing,


Love from Japan


I'm blessed to know some wonderful people and grateful I can call them friends.
 After a busy couple of weeks transitioning back to work (and absolutely no time in the sewing room)...
I had an amazing surprise waiting at my door this evening.

Warm wishes, incredible news & a beautiful package of Japanese fabrics from a wonderful friend.

Who could ask for anything more?
Thank you, Chiyoe!!

Have a wonderful weekend & Happy Sewing,



Embroidery Find

Thinking I was getting a deal on a table cloth, I snatched this beautifully embroidered piece without opening it. Little did I know, it was a hand embroidered top or summer coverlet that looks to be in perfect condition. What a fun find!


Farmer's Wife

Yay! Mr. Fabulous watched the kids & helped with dinner 
so I could have a bit of time in the sewing room.
One done and it feels great.
I've been missing the colorful Kaffe fabrics, the FWQAL blocks
{and playing in polka dots, too}.

Happy Stitching,

Treasure, Aye Matey!

I found a locked box at a garage sale and had to open it up and find out what was inside.
Once I did, I clutched the box and couldn't wait to bring it home. 

Can I just say I love wooden spools? I'm not sure where my fascination came from but they're so much cooler than plastic. It's so nice to add a few to my little stash. 
Thimbles?? Seriously...is there such a thing as too many? 
I love all sizes, ones I'll never use, metal, plastic, themed or not. 
The new additions have me completely giddy.

Vintage needle cases, too?? A box of goodness on a slow sewing week is just the boost I need to get back to my projects. 

 Now if only I'd have purchased her iron collection.... 


Hexi Love

Long before I started blogging, there were a couple projects that I started. 
I even finished a couple....but not my favorite one.
Sorting this weekend found me nostalgic for my very first pieced project, 
a grandmother's flower garden.

It could have a bit to do with the 
{or, it could just be that I am trying to avoid my Jane}.
Ok. Maybe both.