This one=139!!!

#139 L-12

Oh my! There are just 30 blocks remaining...and 30 days in September. I think we've got the perfect situation: BLOCK BLITZ 2010!!

Let's see if I can manage to post a block a day for the month to countdown to Main Jane completion and my day of birth. Not that I get this out of hand annually...but this year it's extra special.

No doubt there will be days that I don't feel like sewing----that does happen every once in awhile---but this is a bit of accountability that I'll need to give myself the next year to work on construction and the triangles. I'd love to have a finished top for my next birthday!!

Loyal readers may have noticed L-12 was partially constructed earlier this week...it is the last of my prepped combinations so I'll have to get busy!!

We'll have to celebrate together if I can pull this off---details coming soon.

Best Wishes and HAPPY QUILTING!!!


Another 3 Blocks Completed!!

F-8, K-3, G-8
I cannot believe I managed to get a few more done today. Since they were slightly more difficult than yesterdays, I'm very happy with 3. Just another complete block tomorrow and I'll be on a countdown of my final 30!!


Hope to see you back here tomorrow with more good news.


Happy Quilting,


Another 6 Blocks

After a busy day in the sewing room, I have another 6 blocks completed. For some reason I thought Labor Day was tomorrow (Wishful Thinking?). I have another week to stay busy in my sewing room before the long weekend. Have a wonderful week! If I happen to get some more blocks done, I'll keep posting as they're completed.

Happy Quilting,

Tally: 135 blocks since January 2010, pieces: 2840 and counting


D-7 & K-12

It's official. I hit 129 blocks tonight and have just 40 more main blocks to go...oh, and I'm turning 40 in a month or so, too. The countdown to finish & 40 is on!

F-4, H-13
There are a few more easy blocks to help reach my goal. I'm grateful I saved them for the end of the project. I had a little software and printer trouble today.  After taking some time to prep fabrics, I found a way around the issues.

All I can say is thank goodness I have several ways of keeping track of things or I'd have been highly upset. I did manage to use a different colorway for one of the blocks and made it twice but I love how it turned out so I'll be sure to whip a little pincushion or something up with it.

Happy Quilting,


Back to JANE!

Finally---back on track and working on Dear Jane blocks again. It's amazing how many you can complete when you are able to sit at your machine in uninterrupted total silence. Well, as silent as a laundry room can get with Boston's Greatest Hits blaring in the background and the washing machine going.

I'm so glad I saved some easy-peasy blocks in case I found myself behind schedule. The piecing of L-12 is done, it's just waiting on the 4 tiny appliques for the corners. Not too shabby for an afternoon of sewing.



RSVP Block 3

*8 pointed star*

Today's block for RSVP went quicker than expected. I like this one so much I may do a whole top of stars!

When I find nice tonal batiks I love to add them to the stash in small amounts....a fat quarter here, a half yard there and I mix them with traditional prints when I feel like it.

No rules. Quilt Fearlessly!

Happy Quilting,


Mail Call

You know I love fun mail...who doesn't?
This week I was REALLY surprised by a large goodie box filled with

VINTAGE 30s fabrics...lots and lots of them! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

A big shoutout to Applique Addict. If you've not found this site in bloggerville, please make the time to check it out. You'll find a Joseph's Coat quilt that is incredible, a wonderful state block quilt (and if you're from the states, stop by to see if your state is taken yet), enthusiasm for applique, projects galore and a super blogger, too!

Mom stopped by with some of Great Grandma Gladys' stash for me this weekend. I'm basking in vintage 30s fabrics this week and making plans....oh, yes. Big plans!
Now, if only I could find some time, we'd be in business.
NEW pincushion with a tiny Ball jar for the base...sew cute.
Happy Fabric Collecting, Quilting, Sewing & Project Planning, Fabulous Readers!!

Best Wishes for a wonderful week,


Clip art courtesy of Dawn's Quilting Clip Art

Do you adore the minis, love the midget blocks, follow Gay's adventures at Sentimental Stitches??

I checked in a couple weeks ago and thought I found some NEW BLOCKS. I've been a bit distracted lately, so I didn't get it posted right away...but I had good intentions, so bear with me. Last night, I stopped by to see how many I'd need to print to keep my little pile of goodies up to date and found a retirement announcement. Not to worry, Gay's not going anywhere. But, the first 55 blocks will be unavailable after this month!

Hop to it if you've not printed the first 55 or if you've skipped a couple, I wouldn't want you missing out down the road.

Happy Printing!!



RSVP Block 2

EQ Block: Weathervane

As you can imagine, the final week of summer break has left me with very little time. I completed another RSVP block and cut most of an applique block out. However, the applique background fabric doesn't work for me and I haven't found the time to get over to the quilt shop yet. I probably won't get to it this week, but will have to make time soon so I can back to my Baby Jane.

Speaking of Jane, 30s goodies arrived this week! I heart fun mail!! Thank you so much!

Why is it when you're pressed for time, you have machine issues? It's been a while since I've had it in for maintenance and I have been overdoing it a bit lately...if I can just hold off until I get the main blocks done, I'll be happy. Thank goodness the old White is here on standby.

We've been getting reacquainted today.

Happy Quilting,


PS I just saw a post about a lovely (I'm guessing 30s) quilt on Cumberland Island Quilt Chick with printed linen in it. I just received some this past weekend from my great grandmother's stash via mom. Thought you might like to take a little peek at vintage printed linen. GORGEOUS!----and, they're in pink and green, so you know I'm thrilled.


A Change of Pace

EQ's Merry Kite Pattern

My first RSVP fall-themed block is complete. After working exclusively with 4.5 inch blocks for over 6 months, 12.5 looks gigantic.

Since my stash revolves around brights and pastels (mostly 30s, as you already know)...I had to go shopping for autumn bits. I made the mistake of purchasing such small pieces that I'll have to go back.
I know, right? Poor me, having to return to my favorite quilt shop.

 When working with DJ blocks, you can make a block completely from scraps so a fat quarter seems like a lot of fabric. In making gigantic (standard size) blocks, not so much. Luckily, I save just about everything and found the maroon batik folded nicely in the back of my organizer pocket after wishing I had just a tiny bit more from a block I sent 2 years ago.

Thank you fabric fairy!

A little bird told me that Pip is sending RSVP a couple of blocks...if you'd like to check out her progress, please click PIP for the Rest is Not Idleness blog. While you're there, be sure to check out all the other gorgeous goodies she's been busy with. Pip's making cheese, sweets, working on her Dear Jane....she's one busy lady and a great person to know!

If you'd like to get in on the fun, be sure to send me an email at heatherl02 at yahoo dot com so we can watch your progress, too. 

Happy Quilting,

P.S. In case you missed it, I guest blogged for Stash Manicure again. Pictures of my vintage grandmothers flower garden blocks are available HERE.


Week 29: Feeling Sew Fine

6 more for the completed list!! =)

Top: B-9, K-11, J-9
Bottom: K-1, A-2, C-13
Several readers have asked how I take projects along with me. I have my own kit prepped and ready to go and it rarely leaves my purse. The kit includes a YLI silk thread spool, sharp small scissors just the size for thread cutting, a couple extra applique pins (which I do use on the tiniest of pieces now---call me a convert), a fresh needle or two and just in case, a marking pencil. I prefer the Fons & Porter lead colored pencil for most things and do have a light version to write on darks...I almost never use that one. The F&P version seems to come out well on the fabrics I use most often. I'm very happy with this relatively recent discovery.

Next, in a separate baggie, I keep my current block. If it's a combination, I piece what I can first and prep the applique pieces for later. Most of my applique is done outside of my home now.

When I have some time in betwen errands, a bit of extra time at the library, or before a meeting, I have my trusty projects ready and waiting and after a short applique session, another block is ready for the completed list. I love that.

I took a little time for myself this past week and read Sew Retro. What a little gem! At first, I was so busy thumbing through to find the latest mod projects, I really looked past a lot of wonderful information. It's well worth your time to read this one. Judi Ketteler provides an interesting historical perspective on sewing from a feminist point of view and I have to say, it's eye opening.

Being a child of the 70s, School House Rock taught us Elias Howe is credited for inventing the sewing machine...need a refresher?

Let's just say, it isn't so. Oh, School House, what other facts have been left out of some of my favorite tunes from childhood?

When you have a bit of time to pour over the lovely pages of Sew Retro, you'll find interviews with some of the top designers today (including Judi Rothermel!!), some new projects to add to your must have list and I'm willing to bet a surprise or two.

Speaking of surprises, I had so much fun making headbands designed by Judi Ketteler, I've decided to give a few away. Be one of the first three to respond, stating you'll host a giveaway for Pay it Forward on your blog and your favorite fabric from my recent windfall from Sew LA and I'll get in touch.


116 Blocks on the Completed List!

Week 28 or so, I have a grand total of 116 blocks! Just 52 more of the center beauties to go....not including the triangles, of course. I'm still on the fence about them and probably won't know for certain until the center blocks are done and I've had a nice month or so to refocus.
Happy Quilting!



Oh, what a week! My AccuQuilt GO! arrived Monday and I have been cutting strips daily. It's SO easy to use. I've been going though some larger 30s scraps from my DJ blocks and making them into various lengths of 2.5" strips for Stefanie Roman's cards----oh, yes, I'm still happily churning those out regularly.

The latest version mailed out this week.

In other news, my SEW LA fabric and Sew Retro book arrived yesterday afternoon. I couldn't wait to dig in and have already made 4 headbands from the book in just about no time. No doubt I'll add other projects to my wardrobe before long. They're super cute, EASY and make me want an entire collection for daily wear. I'm not alone...gift requests are coming in already. 

While I haven't had the time to read the book cover to cover yet, I will definitely do so this weekend and get back with you all.

Inspired by my recent good luck, I've decided to start a tutorial page for the blog. Please bear with me over the next couple of weeks as it is a work in progress.

You can take a closer look at the fabric fabulousness from SEW LA below. All my pictures should enlarge if you click on them...at least, that's the plan. Please let me know if you ever have difficulty viewing anything.

Happy Retro Sewing!!


I'm a Guest Blogger!

*DISCLAIMER: Please note I was not yet dressing myself when this photo was taken and certainly cannot be held responsible for the anti-cool bootleg Raggedy Ann-ish design. Unlike the children of today, the 70s bowed to virtually no whims of a child, especially when it came to fashion sense. Thus, this is a tragedy of motherly proportion. See above photo for crystal clear proof, noting I lovingly cropped mom out.*
The sole DJ block for the week, K-4

It's true, I'm guest blogging! Earlier this week, I did some digging to find out more about the known quilters in our family and it turns out there are several. The person I found most fitting to share my very first guest post with had to be my Great Grandmother. I have some new to me items from her stash and a rush of wonderful memories.

Given my Great Grandmother is the driving force behind my Baby Jane, I probably should have whipped up a few blocks for the occasion...not so much this week. It happens. 

The fabric reminds me of hours of carefree play at her home, where I felt truly cherished. Each time I passed "the Windmill" (Bevo Mill), I knew it was going to be a good day with grandma. She taught me about yard goods, linens and glassware. My great grandfather spent his time passing on his passion for gardening & puzzles. I played with antique toys, learned to appreciate nature & fell madly in love with the tiny feather tree ornaments positioned in the front window each December.