Stash Project & Small JANE Update

This was another week of appliqué, thanks to take along projects. I’ve had virtually no time in my sewing room that wasn’t completely dedicated to alterations or laundry this week. Thanks to some amazing inspiration over at Stash Manicure, I did manage to make over some of my sewing room (in my head) and come up with one quick little fun project.

I had a lovely piece of white with yellow polka dots----shhh, it’s poly blend….no one will ever know. It was a freebie and I rarely say no to the free stuff. Who am I kidding? I never say no. Polka dots are timeless but it might just miss that RETRO spin without a traditional block; Dresden it is….giant for that oversized, current, big block vibe…oooh, and I had a stack of black and white fat quarters just waiting for the perfect project. Add in some tiny black and white polka dots for the binding and a piece of cutesy roses for the backing and Viola! Everything is from the stash except the batting.

It’s a topper for a small apartment table with multiple uses.

I cut off a chunk of the Pellon Legacy Batting pack for this one and had a great time....though I am feeling a tiny bit guilty that it's not a bigger project made of *hexagons*.  What can I do? There's not enough time to get everything done anymore...so it waits anxiously in the corner of the sewing room.

I love the texture of the batting and the drape. Other brands I’ve used have fold marks in them that are so deep, I never think they’ll come out and always worry that my material will bunch up with the folds….NOT this one: straight out of the package, taped over the backing to the floor, smooth as silk. I even re-adjusted my tape to see what would happen----no distortion---YAY! I pin basted without a problem even though my pins have seen better days. Just so you know, you can wash the batting first if you want to avoid shrinkage…I think the package said up to 3%.

I thought it was easy to machine quilt even though my machine quilting leaves something to be desired….I’m much more of a hand quilter but in a pinch, I practice. I’m very happy with this batting and will be purchasing again. I’m so glad I gave it a try. When I attached the binding, the needle and thread were very easy to feel through all those layers....I'm not sure if that's the product itself, my appliqué skills kicking in or a combination of both on a good day. In any case, easy peasy as munchkin would say.

Here’s hoping we all get a bit of sewing done this week! =) I’ve not given up on Jane, we just needed our space this week, I suppose.

All my best!

Happy Quilting,



The International Quilt Festival-Chicago/Rosemont

Talk about a place where you could really spend some serious time and money…the show was awesome! From what I understand, 50 additional vendors were added this year. I heart quilt show goodies and you know I did a bit of shopping but we’ll save that for later!! Now for some festival details…

Number one: I met Judie Rothermel!! Her Aunt Grace line is so fantastic and I remember purchasing from her booth last year but she must not have been in it at the time because I just didn’t make the connection. This year, I was spoiled with a visit, photos, fabric and kindness. Who could ask for anything more? If you love reproduction fabrics, you know what I’m talking about. She’s a rock star! Mrs. Rothermel is based in Ohio so I imagine she’ll continue with the show when it moves to Cincinnati next year, though I didn’t have the presence to ask. Lucky for us, she has an online store. I’ll share the address if you promise not to buy absolutely everything…save just a little bit for me. http://www.schoolhousequilts.com/

YLI had a booth and you know I had to get some silk thread. Now that I found it, I won’t appliqué with anything else. Fantastic service, amazing thread…I’m a happy girl. Of course, if any companies out there have a silk thread line, I’m more than happy to test them out. I like freebies *hint hint*.

The fantastic people at Pellon have a new line of batting and the whole crew is super nice! I purchased a queen size batting package to test and will give you the heads up on my official review as soon as I manage to complete a project…so it could be a while LOL.

I’m normally a Warm & Natural gal but they may have won me over with great service, good prices and what appears to be a better product.

Illinois quilters can reach Deb Figved (pictured above on the far right) for more information about Pellon products, APQS long arms and other fantastic local goodies, too.

Several companies were there demonstrating the latest must have machines & found some beautiful machines at the Husqvarna Viking booth.

AccuQuilt was there with a smaller booth than last year. I wanted to check out the Studio up close and personal but demos were for the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter only. I can see those at the local JoAnn’s store and am surprised people haven’t heard of this machine. It’s been out for over a year and from what I understand pretty popular in the states.

I don’t have one because I use so many different sizes and shapes in my quilting, it would cost a small fortune to get everything I’d need. If I had the time to do more charity quilts, I’d definitely invest in one. The strip set alone would save a ridiculous amount of time for quick quilts. Here’s hoping I get lucky and win one someday because cutting is my least favorite part of quilting.

And now for the eye candy

A small portion of the display quilts, for your viewing pleasure.

How could I not include a Dear Jane? This beauty was created by Sharleen M. Snellman, USA. It's called Reaching New Heights

I wish I had a better shot of this gorgeous quilt. It's an antique Silk Courthouse Steps by an unknown quilter, Circa 1890. You know, I just saw some delicious silk sets online at I have a notion....how fantastic it would be to own a beauty like this!

While the blocks seem large in the photo, they were actually tiny, each one approximately 3" square or so. This is an Unknown Quilter's work from 1930, a Log Cabin Around the World. The fabrics are wonderful, it's in incredible condition and was a joy to see in person.

This beautiful piece is by Rachel Covo of Israel. It's called Metronome.

This amazing piece is so stunning in person---I have to tell you as fantastic as it looks in pictures, the photo definintely does not do it justice. Inspired by dandelions, this quilt is called Spring Field, Artist: Akiko Kawata of Japan.

Have you ever seen photos included in a quilt? They always seem a bit out of place to me...I should say, they always seemed a bit out of place until I saw this incredible wedding quilt:

Titled A Glorious Day, this heirloom was lovingly created by the groom's mother, Harumi Asada of Japan.
Special thanks to my amazing husband for such a memorable day.
Happy Quilting and/or vicarious quilt show viewing,


Congratulations to our Winner!

Pip is the lucky winner of our very first drawing. Congratulations, Pip!! Your fun mail will be on it's way shortly. Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment and those who continue to support this site. I have the best followers!
Happy Quilting,

Week 15

The photos this evening are from this past week. I took a break from my schedule and did several applique as take along projects after A-13 was complete. I tried the silk thread and have to say, it's completely worth the investment. If you are good at applique with cotton thread, you are going to LOVE what silk will do for your stitches-----YLI is awesome! I've not tried other brands yet but am very happy with this little discovery. Thank you to the applique fanatics who encouraged me to give it a go. 

Expect several updates on the blog over the next couple days. Tomorrow we'll announce the winner of the first official Retro-Fabulous Giveaway! Good Luck!!

I also plan to post some highlights of the International Quilt Festival-Chicago (Rosemont) soon afterwards. Being the eternal optimist, I expect to have some more blocks completed and posted, too. We'll see how that goes.

Blessed are the Piecemakers.
Happy Quilting!!


50th Block PARTY!!

The wonderful people of Electric Quilt Company (EQ) are providing a FREE copy of the beloved DEAR HANNAH SOFTWARE for one of my lucky and of course, FABULOUS readers! I'm adding fat quarters of my favorite new fabrics from the little *ah-hem* shopping trip...there are even a few out of print bunny fabrics in the mix! 
How festive.
In order to be eligible to win this incredible prize pack, there are a couple details you'll need to include in your comment on this thread by April 17, 2010 12:00 am central time. 

Please share if you have done any of the Jane Stickle/Dear Jane blocks or any from Dear Hannah, a tip you'd share with a quilty friend & how long you've been working on your project.

If you have not yet attempted a Dear Jane or Dear Hannah block, please share your favorite theme/color of fabric, favorite traditional block and a tip/trick that simplifies your quilting/piecing. 

Those kind enough to leave comments on the Golden Girl post prior to this post going public will be eligible for a second chance. The winner will be randomly chosen and must meet the above criteria. If the winning comment does not meet the criteria, a new winner will be drawn. 
Winner will be announced Sunday, April 18, 2010.

FYI: If you leave a comment that cannot be replied to, I may not be able to find you in this great big world of ours.

Dear Hannah is a companion CD and does require the use of Dear Jane, EQ5, or EQ6 Software.

Thank you for reading my blog and celebrating with me! EQ, thank you so much for partying with us!!!

This drawing is not limited to U.S. residents.



I completed my 50th block Monday!!!!  My official Jane numbers are 50-0-0-1083 & I’m so thrilled! I passed the first 1000 piece mark at number 47 and the 50th block not long afterwards. It took 3 variations of the 9 patch to get me there but I really wanted to hit the goal by April.

L-10 is something else…fair warning, readers. Give yourself some time for that one and save some easy blocks for recovery. Seriously.

As you may already know, the 50 block mark is golden and in my opinion deserves a celebration----did someone say giveaway??? 
You’ll really want to check back for details on this one!

Wishing you and yours the very best,